Does Epilator Hurt?

If you have done any research or even talked to a few of your female friends you likely have heard that epilators hurt and are quite painful. That is correct but also not true for many. How? Read below where I explain why epilator is the best way of removing hairs and how to avoid pain.

The thing to keep in mind is that pain is dependent on the person and their tolerance. There are some people I have talked to that have said that epilation hurt a lot less than waxing did, while other women claim that epilation is the most painful experience ever.

If you are holding back on buying an epilator because you are scared of the pain, there are some epilator tips that you can use to make epilating hurt less.

Basically what some people say epilator looks like a torture device. It’s an electronic device that removes hair by grasping multiple hairs at the same time and, simultaneously pulling them out. In actual, its like tweezers on levels a thousand. So, why the people choose to use such torture and a sensitive device known as epilator. The reason is that epilator doesn’t affect your skin at all. If you have sensitive skin and you are applying wax, and that’s a lot of friction on your skin when you were ripping off. So, wax can be harmful in the long run. Shaving can also cause irritation and depilatory you are putting a chemical on skins, which can make either skin sensitive or can cause a problem for sensitive skins.

So, using an epilator is one of the only ways other than lasering, that not causing a lot of harm to your skin. An epilator is only focusing on little hair it’s just going to pick them up and simultaneously rip them out, but your skin is not affected at all. Now that soft, smooth skin that is going to leave behind.

If you can bear the whole process, then I’m going to say epilate your entire bikini area, or if you want to give yourself a little Brazilian with an epilator, it would probably take anywhere from 40 minutes to 1 hour. But your will lasts up to 2 weeks, approximately. And the great thing is epilators are not very expensive, and they start from 30 to 100+ additional USD.

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And, the more that you use your epilator the thinner that your hair follicles will start to grow in. Another great thing about epilators is you can use them at absolutely anytime for any of your girls that have gone to get a wax before you know that your hair has to grow in about a quarter of an inch before they can go ahead and wax you. If you want to use an epilator, you can use it on the tiniest little tiny hairs, and you are good to go.

One of the ways that you can lessen the pain is to properly prepare your skin beforehand with warm water to help your skin relax. This could mean taking a warm bath or shower before using your epilator or spend some extra money on a quality wet/dry epilator that allows using the device while in the bath or shower. Some women also find that applying an ice pack right after using the epilator helps lessen any pain as well.

7 Epilators Tips To Make Epilating Hurt less and Enjoyable

  • Epilation hurts a bit, so if its the very first time you are using a hair removal epilator do start removing fine hairs on an not sensitive part of your body. Leg hair removal is much less painful than armpit hair removal. Start with fine hairs, as they are the easiest to remove. The good news is that hair after regrowth becomes finer, so using your epilator becomes more fun over time.
  • Take a warm shower or better still, a warm bath before removing your hair. The warm water will open your pores, and that will make it easier for the hairs to be removed. Just make sure to dry your skin first as epilation does not work well on wet skin with some hair epilators. Do not apply any lotion on your skin, as the greasiness will hinder the epilator from pulling out your hair.
  • Start off with putting your electric epilator on low speed. When you set a hair remover on high speed, it won’t have the time to pull out all your hairs. High speed epilating will break the thicker hairs easily, so adjust the speed of your epilator according to the results that you see: if hairs are broken, you need to epilate slower.
  • For best epilator hair removal results you need to pull your skin tight with your hand that’s not holding the epilator. Stretch the area of the skin you’re epilating, so the epilator will be most successful in pulling out your airs. Place the head of the epilator on your skin without exerting too much pressure. Do read the instructions or try what works best for you: some epilators work better when you move the head in small circles, other epilators work best when you pass their head over your skin.
  • Plan your hair removal epilation. If your pain tolerance is very low, even the best epilators will feel like a burden. Just spread your hair removal sessions over a few evenings instead of suffering all in one day.
  • Make sure to dab your skin with a good body toner after epilating to encourage the reddened pores to close and heal. You could also apply a mild, soothing body lotion. It is recommended using your hair removal epilator in the evening: red blotches and bumps after the hair removal process are standard, but this minor skin irritation will generally disappear overnight.
  • Exfoliate! For the next few days, do exfoliate your skin daily with an excellent coarse loofa or body scrub. Rub away dead skin cells and prevent ingrown hairs.
    Do know that each hair removal epilator comes with its full instructions that you should follow. It is not only essential to know how to use an epilator, do use it in the evening after a hot bath, start on low speed on sensitive areas first and do exfoliate the days after your hair removal epilation.
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Another thing to keep in mind is that the more you use your epilator, the less painful the experience will be. I know that my first epilation session was a lot more painful than what it is now. This is because maybe now I have the best epilator and second thing, the hair grows back finer and thinner after a while, and I also get used to using the epilator in a manner that is not only efficient but works appropriately and smoothly on my body.