If you just finished your morning shave and are looking for a solution on how to stop a razor cut from bleeding before you hop in the car and present at the 9am meeting, then here is the quick fix:

DO NOT Use Toilet Paper To Stop A Razor Cut – Here’s Why:

Sure, you could apply toilet paper, but that is going to be WAY too sloppy and should only used as a last resort.

The problem with this method is that it will need to be replaced often.  And if you forget that its applied to your face while heading into work, then it becomes incredibly embarrassing and you will likely be jeered about it for some time by your co-workers.

Antiperspirant Active Ingredient Works In A Pinch To Stop A Razor Cut From Bleeding

If you are quickly trying to find a solution to stop the cut from bleeding any further, then your standard antiperspirant will be key.

Look on the side of the label for either one of the following ingredients:

  • Aluminium chlorohydrate
  • Aluminium-zirconium tetrachlorohydrate gly

Both of these aluminum compounds work to constrict the blood vessels and sweat glands that are near the surface of your skin.

This will help to stop the bleeding immediately.

Now, a quick note on this:

Many men are starting to use natural deodorants instead of the standard antiperspirant.  These natural deodorants allow the sweat to flow freely from your pits.

If you attempt to rub a natural deodorant on to a razor cut, you are likely going to see very little results.

So it’s incredibly important that you read the label and look for one of the above aluminum compounds as an active ingredient.

Lip Balm Or Vaseline – An Effective AND Tested Way To Stop Bleeding

Ever watch MMA on Friday or Saturday night and see the cut man working on the fighter between rounds?

One of the solutions that they apply to the fighters face (source) is petroleum jelly.  Not only will the application of petroleum jelly help to prevent future skin from tearing, but it will help to reduce the occurrence of bleeding.

The reason being is that petroleum jelly will help retain moisture on the skin.

Therefore, if you are bleeding profusely, this nearly impenetrable barrier will work wonders to prevent the blood from dripping down your face.

Now if you don’t have a jar of Vaseline or generic petroleum jelly handy, then most lip balms will also contain this key ingredient.

However, if you have a lip balm that relies on beeswax instead of petroleum jelly, this will also deliver similar properties of locking in the moisture (or blood) to your skin by creating a thin shell over your cut.

Ice Block/Cubes To Slow The Flow Of Blood

To keep with the boxing theme, another way to help restrict the flow of blood on your face is simply by applying an ice block or cubes directly to the cut.

While it will sting a bit at first, the ice will help to reduce swelling and bleeding.

This method will be a bit tricky if you are trying to head out the door right this minute, but can be a great way if you don’t want to apply other grooming products to your face and you have 10 extra minutes in your morning.

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Alcohol-Based Mouthwash To Disinfect And Stop Bleeding

We all know that alcohol mouthwashes burn like hell when you do a simple swish in the morning.

Not only will it make your eyes water, but will help to restrict the bleeding coming from a razor cut.

Just take a tiny bit and rub it over your cut, you should expect the bleeding to stop in only a few minutes.

Witch Hazel / Eye Drops Are Natural Astringents

Lastly, witch hazel and eye drops are other common items found at an arms reach and can help fix a cut in no time.

Their natural astringent properties will help to restrict blood from flowing to the surface of your skin in as little as a couple of drops.

Unlike alcohol that may sting, these solutions won’t be nearly as painful; making them a favorite for men who have a slip of their wrist with the favorite razor.

Proven Solutions To Prevent Razor Cuts And Fix Them Quicker Next Time


While the above solutions that we outlined will work for you right now, you really should take a minute to evaluate your shave routine.


…you just cut yourself and are Googling ‘how to stop a razor cut’…

…this isn’t normal!

So, the next time you cut yourself, you need to be a bit better prepared, here’s how:

Swapping The Blades Regularly

I will be the first to admit, I used to stretch my razor blade to last as long as possible.

As a bald man, using a razor for both my face and head would make them dull much quicker than most.

But here’s the bottom line:

There is absolutely NO reason that you should be shaving with a dull razor.

Yes, cartridge razors tend to cost a fair bit more than a safety razor or even an electric razor.

But with the advent of shave clubs like Harry’s and Dollar Shave Club, you can get a fresh razor shipped to you monthly for a pretty low cost.

This not only forces you to swap out your blade regularly, but will help to prevent the regular occurrence of cuts on your skin.

When you try and shave with a dull blade, it makes for WAY more work on the razor blade to cut through the hair.

This tugging, pulling, and incidental nicks make for a world of discomfort.

So be sure to swap out regularly.

Your face (and perhaps head), will thank you.

Give Your Razor Blade An Assist With Shaving Oil And QUALITY Cream

The vast majority of men out there still use the same stuff they started shaving with when they were 18….

…and not because they don’t know better, but due to habit.

It’s all too easy to go to the grocery store on the weekend and put in that same canister of shaving gel into the cart and use it come Monday.

But here’s the secret gentleman:

There are WAY better shaving creams to be found online.

These creams not only create an incredibly thick lather that will lock in the heat and moisture for your skin, but will make for a much better surface for the razor blade to glide along.

This well lubricated layer will drastically reduce the occurrence of cuts from occurring in the future even with the dullest of razor blades.

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Seriously, if there is one thing you can do to boost your grooming regimen, its will be investing in a better shaving cream.

Beyond the shaving cream, many men with sensitive skin will also find themselves reaching for shaving oil as well.

As a complimentary product to shaving cream, shaving oil helps to increase the slickness of your skin further reducing irritation.

Just a dime sized amount of this stuff can help to further reduce irritation and likeness of a cut from happening.

Alum Block – One Of The Professional Ways To Resolve a Razor Cut

Now, while we went through some quick fix solutions to stop your cut from bleeding right now, if you find yourself getting nicked regularly despite switching out your razor blade and using better than average shave cream, then you should always have an alum block on hand.

Alum blocks are simply either 100% potassium alum or aluminum sulfate.

These work largely to reduce a persistent razor burn post-shave – similar to an aftershave balm.

Working in the same way as an antiperspirant as we covered above, alum blocks will help to restrict the blood flow to the surface of the skin.

While not nearly as effective as a styptic pencil (as we will cover in just a minute), alum blocks are generally better served as a post-shave application rather than one specific product designed to fix razor cuts.

Styptic Pencils Are The BEST Way To Stop Bleeding From A Razor Cut

Styptic pencils are largely made from anhydrous aluminum sulfate and are a product that promotes hemostasis.

When rubbed directly on a razor cut, it will almost instantaneously stop any bleeding from happening.

These make them perfect tools for men who want QUICK relief of a cut without having to worry about toilet paper hanging off their face.

This sub-$5 price point makes it a no-brainer to add to your medicine cabinet to have on hand when the unfortunate cut happens.

Wrapping Up On Total Prevention And Quick Fixes To Stop Razor Cuts

If you follow all the advice above, you should have a much more comfortable shave going forward.

Seriously, don’t be afraid to try out a subscription box service or simply go with a safety razor if you want fresh (and affordable) blades regularly.

These will help to reduce future cuts from happening.

Just don’t forget to keep a trusty styptic pencil on hand the next time you make a slip of the wrist!