Best Electric Razor For First Time ShaversAre you still confused on whether to buy the wet or dry, cordless or corded, foil or rotary electric shavers? Many people often are.

Not all the electric shavers will give you the clean shave you are looking for.

Electric shavers For First Time Shavers are quite advantageous. Long term, they are a much cheaper solution than traditional razors.

Such shavers save you time in the morning when you’re rushing, avoid skin irritation or nicks, and provide the same close shave.

With so many shaver types and models to choose from today, it’s often difficult to find the perfect one for your daily grooming routine.

While some consumers tend to only buy popular electric shaver brands, the best way to shop for one is to consider a shaver’s features against its price.

Before buying an Electric Shaver For First Time Shavers, consider factors like the power supply, the right type of shaver for your skin, its ergonomics and ease of cleaning.

Best Electric Razor For First Time Shavers in 2021

Electric Shaver Top Feature Wet/Dry Type
Braun Series 7 790 cc Four unique shaving elements No Foil
Panasonic Arc 5 Five ultra-sharp, ultra-thin Nanotech blades Yes Foil
Braun Series 9 9095 cc 40,000 cross-cutting actions per minute Yes Foil
Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D Optimal precision and control Yes Rotary
Panasonic Arc 4 Dual motor shaving system Yes Foil
Philips AT830 Float pivot-flex shaving system Yes Rotary
Wahl 8061 Bump-free, close shaving experience No Foil
Braun CoolTec Cooling technology cools your skin as you shave Yes Foil
Panasonic Arc 3 Uses hypoallergenic Nanotech blades Yes Foil
Remington F5-5800 Comparatively powerful and effective Yes Foil

1. Braun Series 7 790 cc – Best Overall & Most Popular Electric Shaver

This makes it a powerful shaver that is also gentle on your skin. The Braun is a top choice for many men today for a reason. It features a total of 4 shaving elements. Three of the four elements are the cutting elements, while one is a SkinGuard element.

Contrary to other electronic shavers that need two strokes to offer a clean shave, the Braun series 7 can do this in just a single stroke. This is made possible by the intelligent sonic and Autosense technology used on the shaver. There’s no wonder it’s voted as the best shaving machine.

With this aspect, the Series 7 790 cc delivers 10,000 microvibrations and features an adaptive shaving motor so as to capture more hair in one stroke. In a bid to offer additional gentleness and power as well as offer you a more customized shaving experience, this shaver offers 5 Turbo Sensitive-modes.

Why the Braun Series 7 790 cc is Our Top Pick

In addition to their shaving effectiveness and gentleness, the shaving elements in this shaver can move in 8 directions. This is made possible by the innovative 8-D Contour Adaptation technology by the manufacturer. This allows the floating elements to adapt to your skin, hence be gentle while capturing as much hair as possible.

Since this is a cordless electric shaver, you will love the performance of the Li-Ion battery used in the shaver. The battery is designed to charge in about an hour. Once fully charged, you can use the shaver to cut hair for more than 50 minutes. This is undeniably the best electric shaver for men.

What this means: You can use this shaver every morning to shave your beard, without having to recharge the battery for a week.

    A comparatively long battery life Fast charging The shaver is entirely waterproof The charging cord may be connected directly to the shaver without the cleaning station Comes with a docking station, which makes the shaver easier to clean Best electric razor on the market An ergonomic and lightweight design
    You cannot use shaving gels and creams with this electric shaver.

2. Panasonic Arc 5 – Best for Thick Facial Hair

In this regard, nothing can beat a high-performance electric razor for first time girl shavers that charges fast and lasts long. This is precisely what the Panasonic Arc 5 electric shaver offers.

In addition to a truly capable battery, you will also be fascinated by the shaving results delivered by this gadget. The shaving system in this gadget features five Nanotech shaving blades that are ultra thin and very sharp. This is the closest electric shaver due to the fact that the blades are built in a way that offers comfort and closeness you long for.

As a result, the blades in the Arc 5 are honed and forged to assume a 30° cutting edge. This makes it easier for the shaver to offer a cleaner shave, cutting the hair as closely to its roots as possible.

More on the Panasonic Arc 5

The effectiveness of the Arc 5 electric shaver is further enhanced by an Active Shaving sensor. This sensor is used to detect the differences in density of your beard along the cheeks, jaw and the neck regions.

Once this information is collected, the shaver will automatically adjust its power flow continually as you move it around your face. As such, you will find the shaver to accelerate where the beard is thicker as you use it.

If you are looking for the shaver that will offer you premium performance for detailed trimming and shaving purposes, the Arc 5 is a great choice. The shaving system in this gadget offers a comfortable shaving experience.

Additionally, the shaver features appealing ergonomics. Such aspects make it easy to handle and effective in shaving even the hard to reach areas on your face.

    A 5-blade shaving system that is designed for superior precision and effectiveness Features a shaving sensor Features a Pop-Up Trimmer that may be used to detail sideburns as well as mustaches with ease The linear motor used on this shaver is very powerful, delivering 14,000 cuts per minute Fitted with a Multi-Flex™ pivoting head, which allows you to glide the razor along your face with ease Best face shaver
    The blade system is too big to effectively shave moustaches, but you can use the pop-up trimmer for this

3. Braun Series 9 9095 cc – Best Electric Shaver for Your Head

The Braun Series 9 9095 shaver does not disappoint, in this regard; the exterior of the device features a beautiful design and an appealing shiny chrome plastic finish. Simply put, this shaver is beautiful to look at and hold in your hands.

The performance of the 9 series 9095 may be compared to that of the 7 series 790 cc Braun electric shaver. However, the 9 Series 9095 features an additional trimmer, commonly referred to as the “Direct & Cut”.

As the name suggests, this trimmer is designed to align any facial hair that grows in different directions before cutting it. With regards to the shaving performance, the 9095 shaver is really fast, capable of reaching 40,000 cross-cutting actions per minute.

The fact that the Braun 9095 is a wet/dry electric shaver means that you can use it on either wet or dry skin. As such, it is safe to use shaving cream and or jells with this shaver. It is not a secret that Braun electric shavers have been leading the market for quite some years. This is definitely one of the best shavers for men.

    Best electric shaver for head and legs Comes with a 2-year warranty Uses OptiFoil technology to deliver a longer-lasting closeness. This is actually one of the most advanced foil structures in the industry today. Features the innovative SyncroSonic technology by the manufacturer, allowing it to achieve SyncroSonic technology Best electric shaver for different types of hair Features a Quadruple action shaving system that offers optimal facial adaptability Comes with the one-of-a-kind 5-action Clean & Charge Station Has an LED battery level gauge
    Features a poor build quality for the price

4. Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D – Best Electric Shaver for Sensitive Skin

These parts are specifically designed to tilt inwards, flex outwards and pivot around. This flexible range of motion allows the Norelco sensotouch 3D electric shaver to follow the natural contours on your face for a clean and comfortable shave.

Another thing you will love about this shaver is the fact that you can use it on wet as well as dry skin. This is made possible by the Aquatec technology used on the electronic shaver.

As such, you can choose to shave dry for added convenience or decide to add a protective layer of shaving cream or jells while using the Norelco sensotouch 3D to shave your beard.

Then there is the JetClean system, another convenience feature that is being praised by its users across the globe. This system does just what it is meant to do; it washes the shaver thoroughly, dries it and then lubricates it to save you time and offer a superior and hygienic shave every day.

Further Reviewing the Philips Noreleco SensoTouch

Although it is okay to clean your Philips Norelco sensotouch 3D electric shaver using running water, it is advisable to use this cleaning feature. In addition to saving you time, using the JetClean system will prevent you from damaging shaver accessories while cleaning the shaver.

As you already know, the efficiency and performance of the battery is critical in any cordless electric gadget. In this regard, the battery in this shaver charges really fast and lasts long. Although it will take you just an hour to charge the battery on this device, the device can run for more than 50 minutes on a fully-charged battery.

As a matter of fact, you can use this shaver every morning, for about 17 days, once the battery is fully charged. This is very convenient as you won’t have to recharge your device every now and then.

Another feature of this Philips electric shaver that is worth talking about is the in-built precision trimmer. This high-precision trimmer is skin friendly and is meant to enhance your shaving experience. In this regard, the trimmer is designed to minimize contact with your skin, hence is ideal for people with sensitive skin.

With your Philips Norelco sensotouch 3D electric shaver, you may perfect your sideburns and mustache after every shave. Finally, it is definitely the best Philips Norelco shaver among the various models they created over the years.

    Uses 3 independent foils May be used on dry or wet skin The shaver head can move in 3 different directions for more precise shaving, even on the hard to reach areas. Offers a comfortable close shaving experience
    Replacement parts for this shaver are relatively expensive

5. Panasonic Arc 4 – Best Electronic Shaver Under $100

The Panasonic Arc 4 ES-LA63-S electric shaver mainly comprises of an aesthetically appealing exterior body, four shaving blades, a LCD screen, a pivoting head and an accurate charge indicator in one affordable package. Is this not all you need in an affordable electric shaver?

This electric razor for men guarantees you a clean and comfortable close shape. This is due to its state-of-the-art shaving system. The shaving system in this electric razor comprises of micro-thin, stainless foils. These are specifically designed to lift and hold your whiskers in position for the 4 sharp shaving blades to cut them.

The shaving blades in this shaver are honed at a 30-degree inclination for a clean and precise shave. The blades and foils used on this electric razor are hypoallergenic and have been proven to offer a gentle shaving experience, even on sensitive skin.

More on the Panasonic Arc 4

The shaving effectiveness offered by this system may also be attributed to the multi-flex pivoting head used on the Panasonic Arc 4 electric shaver. The flexibility of movement offered by this head allows for a smooth and more uniform shaving experience along all contours on your face.

This is further enhanced by the precision trimmer attached to the gadget. You may use this trimmer to give your mustache and sideburns the finishing touch they need after every shave.

Since Arc 4 is a Wet/wet electric shaver, it gives you the convenience of shaving dry skin as well as the added safety of shaving using shaving creams and jells. The fast shaving experience offered by this electric razor is as a result of its powerful motor. This motor can reach speeds of 14,000 cycles per minute, which is very high for an electric shaver this affordable.

    Dual motor, 4 shaving blade system that is very precise and effective Features an in-built Pop-Up Trimmer to detail the moustache and sideburns Features a very powerful dual motor than can deliver up to 14,000 cuts her minute Fitted with a 10-stage LCD that may be used to operate the shaver, check battery level, get blade replacement reminders, clean the shaver and change indicator.
    Has a comparatively short run- time

6. Philips AT830 – Best Rotary Shaver

This makes the electric razor easy to handle and control while shaving. To enhance handling, the device is fitted with an anti-slip grip. Again, this electric shaver boasts of superior features and technology, probably why it is so popular today.

To begin with, the SmartPivot system used on the shaving system of the Philips AT 830 is a marvel. This system has earned itself a reputation in the industry for keeping the rotary heads of the shaver close enough to your skin.

Additionally, it also allows for high speeds, efficiency as well as comfort. The pivot system comes in handy when shaving the hard to reach areas, such as the back of the neck. By buying the AT 830, you will also benefits from its patented Super Lift & Cut technology.

Why We Love the Philips AT830

Using this technology, the shaver uses a dual-blade action to lift the hair, hence allow for a close and comfortable shaving experience. Such aspects will give you the clean and smooth shave you are looking for with minimal irritations to the skin.

Owing to its Aquatec seal, the AT 830 electric razor is completely waterproof. As a result you can use the shaver both in wet and dry conditions. You may also use shaving creams and jells with the shaver.

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The AT 830 is fitted with a lithium-ion battery that is long-lasting. Once fully charged, this battery can give you up to 50 minutes of effective shaving. You will also be notified through the LED light on the shaver when battery is running low so that you can recharge.

Unlike the other electric shavers reviewed above, the AT 830 offers quick-charge functionality. This functionality allows you to quickly charge your shaver for about 3 minutes and get a 5-minutes shave out of the stored charge.

    Impressive ergonomic design Offers good performance for a mid-range rotary electric shaver Rather quite while in use Comes with a 2-year warranty A comparatively excellent battery life It is a washable design
    Lacks some of the standard features found in other electric shavers within this price range.

7. Wahl 8061 – Best Electric Shaver for Close Shaving

So, why would you want to have this as your preferred electric razor for first-time girl shavers?

To begin, it is very affordable. If you are looking for a great electric shaver, but working on a limited budget, this is a great option. For a comparatively low price, you can get the convenience and mobility of a cordless shaver with the Wahl 8061 electric razor.

In this regard, the electric shaver will offer you a couple of minutes of uninterrupted shaving once the battery is fully charged. Again, the shaver is very gentle on skin and offers a comfortable and thorough shaving experience.

More on the Wahl 8061

This is made possible by the Hypoallergenic Gold Foil, along with the quality head used on this shaver. The gold foil on the Wahl 8061 has been proven to enhance shaving experience significantly. The foil achieves this by preventing your skin against cuts and rushes while shaving.

The quality head, on the other hand, is designed to offer you a shave that is ultra-close and bump-free. The shaver also comes with several functional as well as convenience features, such as sharper guard, cutter bar assembly and the foil.

The 2-year warranty offered by the manufacturer on this product is a guarantee that it is of the right quality and is reliable.

    Lightweight design Features a unique casing Presents an affordable cordless shaving option Capable of shaving any type of hair Offers a bump-free and close shaving experience
    Does not have a battery charge level indicator

8. Braun CoolTec – Best for Stubble Look

The Braun electronic shaver manufacture is aware of this fact and sought to combat it with the Braun CoolTec. As the name suggests, the CoolTec model has a cooling system to prevent the shaver from heating.

As a matter of fact, it is the only shaver that has an active cooling mechanism in place, across the world.

If you are looking for a product that is unique, well this is a great choice. The cooling system in this shaver is manually controlled using a switch. As such, you need to flip the on/off switch to turn the cooling system on or off.

Further Reviewing the Braun CoolTec

As such, when to switch the system on or off mainly depends with your preferences. Again, the shaver also offers a great shaving experience and good results.

Featuring 3 shaving blades and two foils, the Braun CoolTec electric shaver offers a clean and smooth shave, while keeping skin irritation to the minimum. Such features have been proven to work just fine for medium to light beards.

You will also love the middle trimmer that is attached to the shaver. The battery on this device can charge in an hour. However, this electric razor offers a 5-minutes quick-charge functionality.

    Offers a cool shaving experience It is offered in 3 models that you can choose from It may be used in wet and dry conditions alike
    The shaving performance offered by the shaver is average

9. Panasonic Arc 3 – Best Electronic Razor for the Price

This shaver hits the sweet spot between high-end performance and price. When opening the box, you’ll get the actual shaver, foil protector cap, cleaning and charging station, charging cord, cleaning solution, and the manual.

The shaver itself has a very sleek design. Towards the top of the shaver, you’ll find a plastic thumb rest. This area doesn’t only allow you to comfortably grip the shaver, but also improves your shaving strokes. This was such a good feature that they added it to the Arc 5.

What sets these shavers apart from the other electric razors within this price range is the fact that it can get very close to the skin without causing an irritation or discomfort.

If you have sensitive skin, you should not hesitant of this product because its nanotech blades are hypoallergenic.

The shaving mechanism uses 3 of these blades and is slightly adjustable to offer a customizable shaving experience. For the price, this is a rather capable shaver.

    It is relatively affordable, yet cordless May be used on wet or dry shaving conditions Fitted with a pivoting foil head that is inclined at a 30-degree angle for enhanced precision Comes with a travel pouch for safe storage and travel While not the best electric shaver, It is produced by a known brand
    Does not come with cleaning tools or a charging dock

10. Remington F5-5800 – The Best Electric Shaver Under $50

Do you prefer maintaining a shaved head and a clean face and are looking for an affordable product to help you with this? The Remington F5-5800 is the answer to your problems.

One of the things you will fall in love with this gadget is the convenient charging and long-lasting battery life. Though the product is a cheap option, it can run for about 60 minutes on a fully-charged battery.

This being the case, you can use the device for up to 3 week before recharging. What’s more, you can check the battery charge level at any time from the LED display on the shaver. The main objective of buying an electric shaver is to cut facial hair. So how does the F5-5800 fair, in this regard?

More on this Electric Shaver

Being a foil shaver, the F5-5800 will flex and curve as it glides along your face while shaving. This, in turn, minimises the risk of cuts and nicks while shaving using this electric shaver.

Additionally, its ergonomics allow for easy handling and control. This shaver applies the Intercept Shaving Technology by the manufacturer. In this regard, it trims the hair passing in between its foils before shaving it entirely.

    Offers a remarkable value for your money Features a built-in pop-up trimmer Offers a long battery life, up to 60 minutes Is comparatively powerful and can shave coarse and thick hair
    It is relatively noisier

Things You Must Know Before Choosing an Electric Shaver

Gone are the days when men used to shave their beards manually using blade holders and blades.

The various inventions in this industry over the years have paved way for the production of some of the best electric shavers. Such shavers are durable and effective shaving gadgets.

Including an electric shaver in your daily grooming routine will ensure that you retain a clean and smooth shaven appearance at all times, but which shaver is best suited for your shaving needs?

Just as is the case with any electric gadget today, choosing the right electric shaver from the hundreds of makes and models available today is not easy.

To help you make an informed decision when buying the best electric shaver, here are some of the things you should consider:

1. Power Supply and Consumption (Corded/Cordless)

Basically, the various electric shavers available today may be categorized into three main types, based on their power source. There are some electric shavers that are powered by batteries. Most of the battery-powered shavers today use the size AA batteries.

These are a bit old dated and do not have a competitive edge over the modern shavers that have plug-in charging unit (Cordless electric shavers). The latter type of shavers requires you to plug them into a power source and allow them time to charge. Once charged, the shaver will be running on the stored charge until the battery is depleted.

The last type of electric shavers is the corded shavers. These should remain plugged into the power source whenever they are being used. The best shavers, in this regard, will mainly depend on your personal preferences and lifestyle.

For instance, the cordless shavers are a great choice for men who are looking for flexibility and convenience. The battery-powered shavers, on the other hand, are comparatively inefficient. As such, the battery-operated shavers are suitable for occasional use.

2. Which Shaver Do You Need? (Rotary/Trimmers/Foil)

This may sound a little bit odd, but not all electric shavers are ideal for all your shaving needs.

Since the various brands and models of electric shavers available today are created differently, you first need to ascertain why you need a shaver.

For instance, do you want a shaver to trim your facial hair and prevent it from overgrowing or are looking for a shaver to shave your face clean on a daily basis?

Depending on your shaving needs, you should choose between rotary and foil electric shavers or just go for the trimmers.

Foil Electric Shavers

If you have sensitive skin, but would like to shave your facial hair on a daily basis, you should opt for the foil blade razors. Most of the foil blade razor shavers today feature a metal foil that prevents the razor in the shaver from coming into direct contact with your skin.

It is this feature that prevents your skin from getting irritated by the shaver whenever you are shaving. However, foil electric shavers are not meant for trimming hair.

Rotary Electric Shavers

Instead of blades, the rotary electric shavers use spinning blades that have floating heads to cut the hair. These shavers will give you excellent results when it comes to trimming hair, even on the hard to reach areas. This is mainly because the cutting blades are designed to adjust to your facial contours.

Again, there are different types of rotary electric shavers today, with the main difference being the number of heads.

3. Wet and Dry Electric Shavers?

Do you prefer using your shaver in the shower or away from the moisture?

If you are suffering from acne or just have sensitive skin, you need to use shaving creams or gels with your shaver. What you need to know in this case is that some shavers will not allow you to use shaving gels and creams.

Some of the high-end electric shavers today, particularly the ones that come with charging and cleaning units, do not allow you to use creams and gels while shaving.

If you would like to use creams and gels while shaving, you should opt for the best wet/dry electric shavers today. In such a case, the cream or gel may end up damaging the cleaning or charging unit; hence not allowed for use with the shavers.

As a tip, you should also know that most of the wet/dry shaver models do not function while plugged in.

4. Shaver Ergonomics

In addition to the performance and features of your preferred electric shaver, its exterior appearance and design should also influence your choice. In this regard, you should consider a shaver that is not only appealing to the eyes, but one that also feels good to hold.

Therefore, it is advisable to try out several models for the feel before making your final choice. The right electric shaver should also be easy to operate and able to reach all parts of your face with ease.

5. Ease of Cleaning

For hygienic reasons, it is advisable to clean your shaver after every shave. Failure to clean the razor on your electric shaver after use may predispose your skin to an infection. This is particularly the case for men with sensitive skin.

As such, you need to check how easy it is to clean your preferred shaver before buying it. As compared to rotary electric shavers, the foil shavers are easier to clean. However, you need to ensure that the foil is well protected whenever you are cleaning a foil electric shaver.

A considerable number of electric shavers today come with built-in charging and cleaning units. However, such models are comparatively expensive, but are easier to clean. With such an electric shaver, all you need to do is adjust the level of cleaning required, depending on how dirty the shaver is.

In addition to being able to clean themselves, there are certain electric shaver models that can also disinfect themselves. If you consider manual cleaning to be tedious, you should opt for such models.

6. Availability of Replacement Blades

Although quality electric shaver blades will last for a considerable period, they will eventually wear out. When this happens, you will need to have the blades replaced for you to continue using the shaver.

So, are replacement blades for your preferred shaver model conveniently available and is the blade easy to replace?

If you are buying a foil shaver, you need to ensure that replacement blades and foils are easy to get for your preferred model. For the case of rotary electric shavers, you should ensure that replacement rotary heads are available and affordable.

If the replacement parts are not available, you will be required to dispose the shaver and buy another one when the razor or rotary heads wear out.

Lastly, you also need to factor in the price of these gadgets. Most of the electric shavers today are priced between $50 and $300. However, it is not advisable to choose a shaver simply because it is cheap. Instead, you should try to strike a balance between features and affordability.

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In other words, you should try to get the best value for your money, with regards to quality, durability, convenience, features, and price of your preferred electric shaver.

7. What Should I Buy if I Have Coarse Hair?

When you have coarse facial hair or thick facial hair, there are several factors you must consider. First, you must purchase an electric shaver which has the ability to function wet. In other words, you must apply a shaving cream to your face in order to soften the hair roots.

Additionally, you could choose a model which lifts the hairs as it shaves. This is typically a more advanced model, but the price is well worth it. Because the hair is lifted, the shaver can cut each hair separately and ensure a closer shaver for those with coarse hair.

Electric Shavers FAQ’s

Q: How do electric shavers work?

A: In contrast to conventional blade razors, electric shavers work by using scissor-like actions. That means there’s no direct skin-to-blade contact. Once the hairs get into the perforated razor screen, the interior moving blades get them severed instantly. These blades are operated by an oscillating electric motor that causes them to move in a circular motion as well as against the foil between the skin and shaver.

The term “electric” actually relates to the way the blades move as they get power from a source of electricity. Those razors are fueled by either a battery-powered or corded source of electricity based on the power source.

Many models use rechargeable AA batteries to work. The majority of them are dry electric shavers, which means the lubrication is not required at all when used with water or shaving cream. There are also dry-and-wet hybrid models that can do both. Electric shavers can also be categorized into the following two groups:

  • Foil shavers – These shavers have up to 4 rows of blades, depending on the model, arranged along a line. A razor is moved back and forth beneath the screen or foil.
  • Rotary shavers – These contain round foils which are secured in place with springs and use spinning blades with floating heads.

Q: How to use electric shavers?

A: Whether you’ve been using electric shavers for years or you’re going to use it for the very first time, there are some things to reckon with in order to have the best shaving experience.

Be prepared. Your stubble should be stiff and bone dry to get the best results from your electric shaver. Use a pre-electric alcohol-based shave product to be sure it is free of sebum and dirt. Most of those products have ingredients such as vitamin E, which minimize irritation and keep the skin protected.

Soften the hairs. When it comes to wet shaving, wash your face with plenty of warm water and use a cleanser as well. That will make your hairs softer and help you remove excess oil from your face.

Facial hairs shouldn’t be too long for a dry shave. That’s because long facial hairs cause yanking while shaving. Not only does it make shaving uncomfortable but can cause skin bumps. If needed, use a trimmer first and then switch to an electric shaver.

Get the angle right. Make sure the shaver is always at the right angle to your face. For a cleaner cut, gently pull and tighten the skin with your free hand so that the facial hairs stand upright. That’ll ensure optimal contact with your skin, minimize snagging, and reduce shaving time.

Just like with manual razors, move an electric shaver against the growth directions of your hairs. For rotary shavers, use circular motions. Foil shavers, on the other hand, work best when you’re using back-and-forth strokes. Bear in mind that extensive pressure often leads to irritability.

Q: How to prevent skin irritation?

A: Massage some foam or gel on your face. Then leave it on for around five minutes prior to shaving. This will soften up the coarse lining of stubble.

Most electric shavers produce heat because they are motorized. People with sensitive skin should particularly be wary since it causes irritation. To prevent skin irritation, tackle the most sensitive areas (such as the neck) first whilst your shaver is still cold. Be sure to press the shaver lightly and avoid going over the same spots — especially sensitive or delicate parts — repeatedly.

Keep your shaver clean after every use. This step is critical because it will make your shaver last longer. That’s why it is wise to go for waterproof electric shavers.

The gels and foams can increase the resistance of blades over time. That will eventually make your shaver use more power. Therefore, make sure there is enough charge in your shaver before starting to shave.

Q: How to clean an electric shaver?

A: It is recommended to clean your shaver manually after each shave. Otherwise, excess hairs will make your shaver clog up frequently, while the strain will get the motor to break down much faster. Moreover, your shaver will become host to nasty bacteria without proper and regular cleaning.

Electric shavers come with a manual or manufacturer booklet that contains directions on how to properly use and clean your shaver. So it’s critical to read through the manual carefully and consider all instructions provided.

Here are some general cleaning tips and techniques that apply to most brands:

  • First of all, plug the shaver after turning off the main switch.
  • Lift the cutter head off its support and remove the accumulated facial hairs from the cutter head with a brush. You also need to brush up the frame and other removable components in sync with the cutter head.
  • Then dismantle the irremovable parts of the shaver and clean up all the parts of your shaver with the use of a small liquid soap, brush, and hot water. You can use a special cleaning fluid instead of water and soap.
  • Wash away those parts with hot clean water.
  • Dry them with a towel or cloth and allow to air dry.
  • Finally, put your shaver back together.

Q: How to lubricate or oil an electric shaver?

A: Aside from cleaning, lubrication plays a key role in ensuring the best performance and prolonging the life of an electric razor. Regular lubrication also ensures minimal resistance and stress on the motor while improving the shave closeness.

The blades, metal guards, and foils often touch each other during use. As you know, friction causes wear and heat. This is where spray lubricants and low viscosity oils come in. You can minimize these effects by lubricating the moving parts on a regular basis.

This raises the question: How often should you lubricate your electric shaver? There are some general recommendations you need to stick with. Be sure to o il your shaver twice a week if you do not use water and soap to clean it off. In addition, oil it after every use when shaving with shaving cream or gel.

Q: Are cleaning stations worth the money?

A: While cleaning stations are considered a luxury, they aren’t totally necessary. When buying the newer shavers, they usually come in a complete package which includes the station. For some, it may be additional. It really depends on your personal preference. Do you trust yourself to clean the shaver manually?

If you opt for automatic cleaning, it will cost you approximately $5 a month to maintain a cleaning station. If you don’t use your shaver daily, expect this cost to decrease. For most people, a cleaning cartridge lasts about two months. For the low cost of $30-60 per year, we believe the cleaning expense is well worth it.

Q: Are electric shavers a better option than disposable razors?

A: There is no wrong or right answer to this question. Some people really do prefer the old-fashioned way of shaving with disposable razors. Some prefer the convenience of shaving with an electric shaver quickly, with no mess to clean up.

However, we found electric shavers to be more effective when shaving the face and cheek area, while disposable razors shave closer on the neck area. At the same time, disposable razors certainly irritate the skin more when it comes to the neck region, which is why I opt for electric shavers.

By using an electric shaver, you get a smooth shave against and with the grain. When you touch your face, going up and down, you will notice a relatively smooth feeling. Using a disposable razor, you are only shaving with the grain, so when feeling your face you won’t experience as smooth of a shave.

Q: Is the cost of an electric shaver worth the money?

A: While the initial cost of such a device may seem high at first, you shouldn’t incur any additional costs, unless you’re going to purchase cleaning cartridges. After a while, you may need to replace the blades as they get dull or purchase batteries. However, this is not a usual or ongoing cost. Often, blades for electric shavers can last you for years.

Also, it’s important to note that will disposable shaving razors, you need to replace them often. You’ll need to buy shaving cream, which is not that expensive in the grand scheme of things, but all of these expenses add up over time.

Finally, we believe that if you truly buy the best electric shaver, you will enjoy a much more convenient shaving experience. Not only will you get a close shave, but you’ll avoid a mess while saving time and money over a period of time.

Q: Can you still get a close shave with an electric shaver?

A: One of the most asked questions is whether or not an electric shaver can give a close shave like a razor. The answer to this question is yes! An electric shaver which has been cleared to function as a wet razor can get just as close of a shave as a regular blade. This occurs when the shaving cream softens the hairs on the skin. Then, the shaver is able to get a close cut.

Q: Which electric shaver is best for sensitive skin?

A: When you purchase an electric shaver, you want to make sure it won’t leave a rash on your skin. The largest advantage in choosing an electric shaver is that there is no chance of cuts, etc. In other words, the electric shaver does not cut close enough to the skin to cause damage to the skin.

However, you should be incredibly careful choosing an electric shaver nonetheless. If you choose a cheap model of electric shaver, there is a greater chance that the rotation of the blades will irritate your skin. We advise you choose a more advanced model in order to prevent this irritation from happening.

Our Final Verdict

While some electric shaver brands are renowned for producing quality and reliable shavers, you should not buy a shaver simply because it is by such a manufacturer.

Instead, you should factor in all the features discussed in this guide before making your choice. As a tip, you should try to get one that offers the best of the aspects mentioned above and is within your budget.

If you do not have the time to try out the various makes and models for suitability, you should choose one from the 10 electric shavers reviewed in this guide.

We made sure to handpick the very best so you can save time on research.

So tell us, what’s your experience with electric shavers for first-time shavers?