Ear Hair Removal Methods for MenA more recent study shows that more men are opting in for all kinds of grooming. Excess ear hair is a problem mostly faced by men as they age and their hormone level in the body change. This hair can grow randomly on a different part of the ear or sprout in bunches.

Actually, excessive hair can cause hearing or hygiene problems. When it comes to manscaping, we tend to give somebody parts more attention than the others. So, it’s not entirely shocking that we sometimes can’t tell when our ears become a little hairy.

Thus, the question is “what happens when the hair in your ear starts sticking out for the world to see”? Kind of gross right? Well, if you dislike your ear hair, you are not alone. Below are 5 ear hair removal methods for men to ensure that those forgotten face holes are clean.

5 Ear Hair Removal Methods for Men

These are the 5 hair removal options you might want to go for and one that you shouldn’t try! Trust me on this one!

Waxing or Sugaring

When we talk of waxing the ear, it may sound a little bit odd at first but the truth is that this option works like a charm. You can get your ear waxed by a professional in a salon. However, this procedure is accessible at home as well.

Always remember to allow the wax to cool off before you have it removed. Although this method might be painful, it is very effective and can remove even the tiniest hair from your ear.

While sugaring is less painful compared to waxing, it requires removing a lot more hair at once. Sugaring is an ancient eastern practice which makes use of natural gels made from sugar, lemon juice, salt, honey, essential oils, and water.

You should do sugaring with an applicator to avoid the formula dropping into the ear canal. That is why it is recommended to plug a piece of cotton into your ear for protection. This has to be done by a professional either in a spa or at a salon.


  • Very cheap.
  • Can easily be done at home or at the saloon.
  • Quick and effective.


  • Quite painful.
  • Can cause ear canal damage if done wrong.


While waxing may be painful, investing in an electric trimmer, on the other hand, is best for those who don’t want to experience any form of pain. Additionally, this hair removal method can actually give you a clean ear.

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This method is arguably the simplest way to remove ear hairs but it requires a regular checkup. Since we mostly just run the trimmer around the edges of the ear, the hairs are likely to pop back up after a few days.

Although you can trim the interior of the ear, you should still be extra careful to avoid any injuries. Another option is a pair of scissors that are specifically shaped for snipping the ear. Before trimming your ear hair, thoroughly clean it using a salt water solution and a Q-tip.


  • There is little risk of infection or damage.
  • A very cheap way to remove ear hair.
  • Not painful.
  • Can be done at home.
  • Not time-consuming.
  • Doesn’t require any particular skill.


  • Results don’t last long.
  • It’s not too effective.
  • It takes time.

Laser Hair Removal

This hair removal method is advanced. Unlike trimming or waxing, it makes use of a laser beam to the target and removes dark hair follicles.

In fact, it’s considered one of the best methods to remove hair without pain and still experience long-lasting results. If you’re looking to go for a few years without hair in your ear, then that’s something you might want to consider going for.

While the procedure needs to be done professionally and does cost, the long-lasting effects are worth it. If you do decide to remove your hair with a laser, avoid sun exposure for about 6 weeks before your appointment.

That’s to reduce the risk of skin lightening during the treatment. Finally, to protect your ear during the procedure, ensure you wear sunscreen with a high SPF as well as a wide-brimmed hat when outside.


  • Not that painful.
  • It is effective and offers long-lasting results.


  • The procedure is expensive.
  • Cannot be done at home.


If you are looking for a thorough ear clean, then the electrolysis is your best option. This method involves inserting a very tiny needle into your hair follicles while an electric current is run through the needle to burn the hairs in the ear.

As complicated as it sounds, this method is truly good and it is administered by a trained specialist. Given the technicality of the procedure, it’s probably best to go for this option if you want your hairs to be removed permanently.

Still, there are quite different methods of electrolysis that vary in cost. It’s probably best to get a specialist or a consultant who will put you through all the procedures and their estimated cost so that you can see what sort of price will fit your budget.

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The only issue with this procedure is that each hair needs to be treated individually which is why the procedure takes more time than plucking.


  • The results are permanent.
  • Very effective.
  • Painless.


  • It is expensive.
  • Requires a number of sessions.


While this method will last longer than trimming, it can be painful. Why? Because it requires you to pluck your ear hairs from their roots.

However, the pain really varies according to a person. Some may feel like it’s nothing, others – cringe from the pain. As for the procedure, you will need a big magnifying mirror and tweezers.

Also, make sure you are not using pointed tweezers so as to minimize the force of each puncture to avoid injuries. Your tweezers should be blunt and slanted. Overall, just use a magnifying mirror to get a clear view of your ear especially when the hairs are coming out.


  • Precise.
  • Can be done in the comfort of your home.
  • Easy to learn.
  • Very cheap.
  • Requires no effort.


  • Painful.
  • You have to remove the hairs one by one.
  • It might be difficult to do it yourself at first.

Don’t Use Hair Removal Creams for Ears

Never use hair removal creams for your ears

While you might consider it a good method for other parts, they’re very dangerous to use in the ear because of the chemicals they’re made of. They might damage your ears.


In conclusion, Ear hair according to a 1984 report in the New England Journal of medicine is undoubtedly a fact of life for about 74 percent of most men.

However, the problem that we usually encounter as we get older is not only just the eruption of hairs from unpleasant places such as the ear but also the difficulties we face while trying to remove them.

It’s important that you choose your preferential hair removal method based on your budget and comfort. While some of the possible methods I’ve listed above can work well for a deeper clean, some are more suitable for removing the hairs on the ear surface and corners.

Thus, choose one of the ear hair removal methods that suit you best.