Braun Epilator Silk-épil 7-7561 Facial Hair Removal for...
  • Braun's most efficient epilator. The most gentle on skin external...
  • Epilation removes 4x shorter hair than wax. Plus 8 extras including...
  • Cordless wet & dry epilator: Virtually painless with regular use
  • Bonus bikini trimmer: Charges in only 1 hour for 40 minutes of use....
  • Includes shaver head and trimmer cap

If you’re like most women, you’re fighting a constant battle against unwanted hair. Whether you prefer bare legs or soft skin all over your body, you probably turn to razors or waxing for hair removal, and depending on your dedication, you may experience okay to subpar results.

The Braun Silk-épil 7681 is a wet/dry epilator that promises to quickly and easily remove hair in just minutes.

Product Features and Benefits

A battery-operated device that recharges in just about an hour, this Braun epilator can be used in either wet or dry conditions. This means you can take it into the shower for use while conditioning your hair or wait until after you’ve dried.

The epilator features 40, close-grip tweezers that can pluck even the tiniest hairs. A light at the front of device illuminates your skin so that you don’t miss a single strand.

The device’s pivoting head allows you to easily maneuver around all of your curves, including your knees and sensitive underarm area.

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40 tweezers for greater coverage and better results
Battery operated for use up to 40 minutes; recharging takes just an hour
Two speeds, soft and fast
Can be used wet or dry
Pivoting head for ease of use
Includes interchangeable caps, pre-epilation wipes and a storage pouch

Features That Users Love About This Product

As epilating removes hair from the root, it results in super-smooth skin and long-lasting results. Those who use this product are very happy that they can experience fuzz-free legs, arms, underarms and bikini areas for up to four weeks.

However, many do note that you may need to use the epilator consistently two to three times a week for the first couple of weeks to snag all growth.

The Braun Silk-épil 7681 features an ergonomic design that is easy to hold and use, which users are quick to point out. They also rave about the fact that the pivoting head allows them to effortlessly remove hair from areas that are usually difficult with a razor, such as the knees and ankle area.

Features That Users Do Not Love About This Product

Epilating is a quick and easy process, but if you’re not a fan of waxing because of the discomfort, you might not be too thrilled to use this kind of device. Of the users that found fault with this product, the pain it causes was their primary concern. However, it should be noted that other users were adamant that repeated use helps dull the discomfort.

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Another feature that some users weren’t impressed with it is the ability to use the epilator with wet skin. Many found that it just didn’t work as well as on dry skin, and they also pointed out that the included pre-epilation wipes weren’t all that great because they slicked the hair and made it difficult to pluck.

The braun se7681 silk-épil 7 wet and dry epilator white is a device that uses dozens of tweezers to quickly remove unwanted hair. It’s ideal for those who aren’t afraid of a little pain and are tired of shaving and waxing. Priced at just over $100, it’s a good value, so definitely give it a try if you’re looking for a better way to remove hair.