What are the benefits of using natural beard soap?Growing a beard thicker and stronger can become an uncomfortable experience. A lot of men renounce to the beard growth and decide to shave because they can’t stand itchiness. Yet, this sensation is only temporary, when the hair grows and starts to curl it will eventually touch your skin like a spear and hurt. One way to reduce itchiness is by washing and conditioning the beard with the right products. While using soap can be a great solution, using the wrong kind of soap can truly mess up your condition and make beard way dryer, and itchier.  Most of the soap bars available at the grocery can’t be harmful because they contain detergents which make the skin dry and this irritate it. For this reason, when deciding to wash your face and clean it daily with soap, you should opt for an all-natural beard soap. Let’s see what the benefits of using natural beard soap are.

Let’s go dipper into, why are regular soaps so harmful for your skin?

When you use a regular soap to clean your beard what happens is that you strip the glycerine from the soap itself and this cause your skin to dry way more than it should. Let’s remember that our skin produces a natural oil to maintain it moisturised. When we wash it with this kind of products we dry it out so much, that our skin has a hard time producing enough natural oil to compensate. Which is why we often moisturise the skin with beard oil and other products to help compensate the lack of natural oil.

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Now, manufacturers producing soap use synthetic agents instead of the moisturising glycerine. This is the reason why a lot of people get their skin irritated when using regular soap. Your skin will absorb these toxic chemicals pretty fast, and this will not affect your overall skin condition but may have harsh consequences on your beard growth and follicle recovery.

Regular soaps are harmful what can you replace it with?

natural beard soapThe benefits of using natural beard soap are many,  with no side effects what so ever. They not only make your skin healthier but greatly helps your beard to growth fuller, softer and simply better. Even though a regular soap and a natural one may look alike in their form factor, the way both products are created are way different. When producing natural soap, there are natural oils and fats mixed together to created a quality rich content that doesn’t harm your skin. Both natural oils and fats work like magic to eliminate toxins from the surface of your skin, and this greatly helps reducing the itchiness during the various steps of your beard growth.

What to expect from switching to natural soap?

The first factor that we already said is skin being dry. How many times have you washed your face with soap and then felt like you couldn’t even drag your finger an inch across your face without being stopped by the dried out skin?  This is what happens with regular soap containing chemical detergents.

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On the other hand, natural beard soap makes your skin face and beard feel and look much fresher, yet nourishing and maintaining your skin as is it supposed to. The properties of the soap are able to leave the facial hair clean and smooth. In fact the oils and fats in this kind of soap make it way more comfortable to run your favourite comb or brush through your beard without trouble.

Last but not least the benefits of using natural beard soap are many and as previously said, all natural beard soap is the ultimate solution to help you out with skin itching while growing a beard. Adding this simple product to your daily routine will not only improve your skin condition but will help it grow a better, stronger, thicker and healthier beard.