Best Hair DryerEver since our mothers started pulling back our gorgeous baby hairs into pigtails, women all around the world have been spending a substantial amount of time (and money!) on tools, styling products, and professional hairstylists to get the flowing locks we’ve always dreamed of.

If you’ve stumbled across this article, chances are you too are one of the millions of women that wake up a half-hour early just to style their hair to perfection before taking on the day. And, depending on your natural hair type, length or color, your daily hair routine may consist of any one of the following: 1) shampooing and conditioning; 2) deep conditioning; 3) blow-drying; 4) curling or straightening; and 5) locking it all in with your favorite hairspray or mouse. As any gal will tell you, this routine is a breeze…so long as you have the right tools!

No woman’s beauty toolkit would be complete without a truly great hairdryer. Why? With enough practice, a professional-grade hair dryer has to potential to replace nearly every other styling tool you’ve ever used! From round-brushed curls to celebrity-inspired volume, there are no limits to the styles you can achieve with just a little warm air and a brush or two. You may even trick your friends and family into believing you made a pit stop for a professional blowout before that next lunch date or Sunday picnic.

As any quick online search will reveal, finding the best hair dryer is often easier said than done. With so many different brands, models, and specs to choose from, it can be incredibly difficult to know just where to start when shopping for the best hair dryer. Luckily for you, we’ve taken the headache out of this dreaded online dilemma, so you can quickly compare hair dryers, find the best one for your unique hair, and start styling right away!

Elchim 3900 Ionic Hair Dryer

EDITOR’S CHOICE: As one of the only hair dryers we reviewed that guarantees it can dry your hair up to 30% faster than other models, it’s no wonder that the Elchim 3900 Ionic Hair Dryer is leading our list of the best hair dryers. Its lightweight and perfectly balanced design also brings it to the top of this category and we love that the ion technology packed in this tool eliminates static electricity! As an added bonus, you’ll also receive two attachment nozzles for more precise air flow control.

When it comes to searching for the perfect new hair dryer, results matter. That’s why we love that the Elchim 3900 Ionic Hair Dryer is packed with all the features you would expect when visiting your favorite high-end salon! Specifically, this Elchim model advertises the ability to dry your hair up to 30% faster which, if you have particularly long or thick hair, is a definite must-have when shopping for your next blow dryer. If, like us, you’ve spent far too much of your morning trying to dry your hair, this is the perfect model for you!

We also love that the targeted air flow of the Elchim 3900 Ionic Hair Dryer hydrates your hair, leaving your locks with the glossy finish you have always wanted (but have never been able to fully master up until now). As an added bonus, this Elchim hair dryer also comes with a cold air button to cool things down when needed, which is ideal for all hair types, including thin hair.

Italian Engineering

Versace, Armani, Dolce and Gabbana, Ferrari, Lamborghini. When it comes to style and luxury, Italian engineering is clearly the way to go. Whether it’s the engineering of a beautiful couture gown, a fast sports car, or the hair dryer you hold in your hand every single morning, there is just something so luxurious, so ‘extra’ as the kids these days call it, about purchasing a piece of Italian-made engineering. Unlike most of the other hair dryers we have reviewed, the Elchim 3900 Ionic Hair Dryer was designed and manufactured in Italy (where let’s face it, truly beautiful people live). So, the next time you want gorgeous locks that even Sophia Loren and Isabella Rossellini would be jealous of, give an Elchim hair dryer a try!

Lightweight And Balanced Design

Weighing only two pounds, the Elchim 3900 Ionic Hair Dryer is easily one of the lightest hair dryer models we researched and reviewed. This Elchim hair dryer is also quiet and perfectly balanced. In fact, the Elchim 3900 Ionic Hair Dryer is at the very top of its class when it comes to weight, reduction of engine noise, and balance during use!

Ionic And Ceramic Technology

One of the best features of the Elchim 3900 Ionic Hair Dryer is its integrated ionic and ceramic technology. Designed to hydrate your hair while you are blow drying those gorgeous locks, the negative ions and ceramic technology work in tandem to eliminate static electricity charges! This results in glossier hair overall and even preserves your hair’s natural integrity.

Ergonomic Handle

Operating a professional-grade hair dryer is akin to managing a piece of expensive hardware equipment. Laugh now, but once you pick up the ginormous blow dryer your favorite hair stylist totes around day in and day out, we have a feeling you’ll start to understand what we’re talking about. That’s why we love that the Elchim 3900 Ionic Hair Dryer features an ergonomic handle with raised hemisphere for a better grip and comfort overall. Your hands and wrists will surely thank you for this added feature!

Includes Two Integrated Hair Concentrator Nozzles

It’s time to acknowledge a single, universal truth: freebies and bonuses are wonderful. Terrific in fact, and they can be the determining factor between choosing to go with one product over another. Lucky for you, our top pick as the best hair dryer comes with not one, but two integrated hair concentrator nozzles! Featuring a unique quick lock system, these nozzles are optimized for high temperatures and, quite literally, put the control right in the palm of your hand. Specifically, the Elchim 3900 Ionic Hair Dryer comes with one nozzle for precision styling and one nozzle for brushing.


  • Dries hair up to 30% faster compared to other hair dryers on the market today
  • Eliminates static electricity for a glossier finish
  • Packed with the luxury that is synonymous with Italian-engineering
  • Lightweight and perfectly balanced design
  • Reduced engine noise
  • Ionic and ceramic heating technology
  • Features an ergonomic handle
  • Comes with two hair concentrator nozzles (that can be interchanged with a quick lock function)


  • None, we love this product!

T3 Featherweight Luxe 2I Dryer

EDITOR’S CHOICE: As the only hair dryer we have reviewed that can claim it is healthier for your hair than air drying, the T3 Featherweight Luxe 2I Dryer comes in at a close second in our review of the best hair dryer. Featuring proprietary technology that actually increases shine, body, and style retention while reducing frizz, the T3 Featherweight Luxe 2I Dryer is ideal for anyone that wants to avoid heat damage in the future. We also love that this T3 model comes with a 2-year warranty to protect your important purchase!

If you have been blow drying your hair for a few years now (and, by a few, we mean since you were 16…), then chances are you’ve accumulated a bit of heat damage along the way. Don’t worry; it’s not your fault! The hair dryers of yesteryear simply didn’t protect hair the way our modern dryers do now, which left many of us with fried, frizzy, and even breaking hair.

Luckily for you, the wonderful folks at T3 are here to save the day yet again! Believe it or not, this Featherweight Luxe 2I model is actually better for your hair than air drying alone. That’s right, using this blow dryer is better for your strands than letting good old Mother Nature do the trick! The T3 Featherweight Luxe 2I Dryer is also quiet and lightweight, giving you flashbacks to the luxurious experience of your last high-end salon visit…all from the comfort of your own home!

SoftAire And Ion Generator

The T3 Featherweight Luxe 2I Dryer features a unique, proprietary technology called ‘SoftAire’ that is actually proven to leave your hair healthier than if you had just opted to air dry it alone. Combined with a powerful ionic generator, this T3 hair dryer provides fast, natural, and beautiful results in less time. Specifically, the T3 Featherweight Luxe 2I Dryer generates a high volume of air at a gentle and soft speed, which enriches the air flow with negative ions and infrared heat. These negative ions help reduce frizz and static while sealing in your hair’s natural moisture right on each individual strand. Together, this technology enhances shine and leaves your hair looking and feeling healthier than ever (and really, how many people can say that about a hair styling tool?!).

Multiple Settings

No two hair types are exactly the same, and that’s why your next professional-grade hair dryer should be customizable to your unique hair’s needs. The T3 Featherweight Luxe 2I Dryer is packed with a multitude of settings, so you can find the perfect fit for your flowing locks. Specifically, the T3 Featherweight Luxe 2I Dryer comes with:

  • Two speed settings
  • Three heat settings
  • Cool shot button

Give your scalp a break by starting with cooler temperatures and slowly building up to warmer heat. Your head will appreciate a shot of cool air now and then, so don’t be afraid to give the cool shot button on this hair dryer a tap when you need it!

Ergonomic Design

Weighing only three pounds, this hair dryer clearly delivers on the featherweight technology its name implies. We also love that the T3 Featherweight Luxe 2I Dryer was designed with an angled handle specifically intended to help alleviate wrist strain during use!

As an added bonus, this hair dryer is also well balanced making it that much easier to use during your typical morning routine.

Comes With A Free Round Brush

This T3 hair dryer comes with a free 2.5-inch round brush to help fight frizz and boost shine. Combined with the professional power of the T3 Featherweight luxe 2I Dryer, this round brush can give you the look of a professional blowout at home anytime you want!

Cone-Shaped Design To Dry Hair Quickly

The T3 Featherweight Luxe 2I Dryer features an innovative wide cone shape design that helps to dry large sections of hair quickly and effortlessly. This particular feature may be important to you if you have especially thick or long hair, and it usually takes you upwards of an hour to blow dry your hair. Because let’s be honest…who has time for that every single day?!


  • Leaves your hair healthier than air drying
  • SoftAire and ionic generator reduce frizz and static
  • Locks in moisture
  • Two speed settings
  • Three heat settings
  • Cool shot button
  • Comes with a free 2.5-inch round brush
  • Unique coned-shaped design dries large sections of hair fast
  • 2-year warranty
  • Utilizes negative ion and infrared technology


  • None, we love this product!

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Though they started out in vacuum technology, with Dyson’s experience and wisdom in air control, it is hardly surprising that they eventually moved into the line of beauty tools. We are already big fans of the Dyson vacuums, so unsurprisingly, we are big fans of the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer.

Its powerful motor gives you fast drying and intelligent heat controls, so you can dry and style your hair quickly without risking the health of your hair.

The Hair Dryer Reimagined

Dyson hasn’t just produced a regular run of the mill hairdryer, they have completely redesigned it. Instead of putting the powerful motor in the head like a regular blow dryer, Dyson has built it into the handle, resulting in a more balanced hairdryer. Coupled with the fact it only weighs 4.6 ounces (130 grams), it is more comfortable to hold and easier on your wrists when styling.

Intelligent Controls

The Dyson Supersonic gives you the choice of 4 heat settings; fast drying and styling at 212 ⁰F (100⁰ C), regular drying at 176⁰ F (80⁰ C), gentle drying at 140⁰ F (60⁰ C) and a constant cold shot of 82⁰ F (27. 7⁰ C). It also gives you 3 different air speed settings; fast drying, regular drying and styling. This is a fantastic range of settings – far more and more specific than you would get on most blow dryers – which means that you can perfectly adapt your blow dry to suit your needs each time.

The heat and airflow settings you have chosen are clearly displayed by the LEDs on the back of the head, and to select between them you just press the corresponding control button also on the back. This is intuitive and easily accessible, enabling you to easily control the settings.

But it doesn’t just give you the selection to chose from. It also measures the air temperatures it is producing 20 times per second, meaning that it regulates the air temperatures it is putting out to protect it from extreme heat damage and preserve its natural glow.

Heat Shield Technology

Unlike some models, the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is cool to touch. It has heat shield technology to prevent the surfaces of the attachments from heating up, so if you do catch your skin while you are blow drying, you won’t get a burn like some other models may give you. It, therefore, means that you can also remove the attachments to swap between different heads or to put them away as soon as you have finished, without worrying about them burning your hand.

Acoustically Tuned

Not only is this blow dryer high-powered, but it is also acoustically tuned. This means that it is tuned to produce just one frequency of sound, and even better, this frequency is inaudible. Coupled with the fact that it is enclosed in a vibration reduction system, it is a discreet hairdryer to use. Realistically, no hairdryer will be completely silent, but you will probably find that using this model is far less disruptive than other types of blow dryer.

Air Multiplier Technology

As the motor for the Supersonic is in the handle of the blow dryer rather than the head, it leaves more room for even more features – in particular, Air Multiplier Technology. The concept of Air Multiplier Technology is that it amplifies the airflow which is drawn into the motor three times, resulting in a regulated but high-velocity jet of air. This contributes to the faster drying time that you can experience.

An extra bit of science: this Air Multiplier Technology is possible thanks to the application of Bernoulli’s Principle. Bernoulli’s Principle expects that a reduction in pressure is associated with an increase in speed. It is therefore used in many everyday settings, for example in airplane designs, carburetors in engines and injectors in steam trains. In this hairdryer, it is what enables the air to be amplified from high-pressure air to a high-velocity jet of air.

Magnetic Attachments

You get 3 different attachments with this hairdryer:

  • A smoothing nozzle for gentle drying your hair which produces smooth air.
  • A styling concentrator for focusing the air on one section, giving fast, precise airflow without disrupting the rest of your style.
  • A diffuser for spreading the flow of air through your curls to gently dry them, while reducing the chance of frizz. This one is best used with low temperature and flows.

These attachments are all magnetic, meaning it is extremely fast and easy to switch between them. It also means that you can twist them around to alter your airflow, for example having it concentrated in a vertical flow rather than horizontal. Other accessories and features include: A non-slip mat that you can rest it on to cool or in between uses. A storage hanger so you can hang it up to put it away between uses. Negative ion production to reduce static as you dry and style your hair.

Easy To Clean

The Dyson Supersonic is very easy to clean. You simply unplug it from the power supply, remove the cage and use a lint-free cloth or a soft brush to gently remove dust and other debris from the cage and mesh. Then just put the filter cage back on the unit, ensuring it is locked into place. It is important never to use water to clean your blow dryer – whether you have this model or any other one!

Safety Features

If your filter is dirty and in need of a clean, the Dyson Supersonic will let you know by flashing white lights indefinitely. By bringing your attention to its need of a clean, it will reduce its chance of overheating and resultant damage. However, we recommend you clean the filter and cage regularly, not just when the lights are flashing.

If on the other hand, it has another error, it will flash red lights indefinitely to let you know to contact the Dyson call center for further advice. Other safety features include a non-self-resetting thermal cut-out feature which kicks-in if the device is getting too hot. If this activates, you just need to switch it off and leave it unplugged on a heatproof surface to cool down.


  • Ultrafast drying
  • Magnetic attachments
  • Balanced design
  • Intuitive controls
  • Easy to clean
  • Acoustically tuned
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with 3 attachments
  • Heat shield technology
  • Brand recognition


  • A more expensive option than many hairdryers

Solano Supersolano 3500 Lite Professional Hair Dryer

When it comes to professional hair care, Solano is known the world over as a leader in helping men and women achieve the gorgeous salon-quality hair they have always wanted. In fact, Solano has been one of the most trusted brands in the professional beauty business for over 30 years, so it’s no surprise that one of Solano’s hair dryers made it onto our list of the best hair dryers of 2019.

This SuperSolano 3500 Lite Professional Hair Dryer is just that: a truly professional-grade hair dryer that brings the comforts and perks of salon styling right to your home! Packed with the great features, you would expect from any Solano product. It is quiet and comfortable, meaning it is ideal for use over extended periods of time.

1800-Watt Power

What sets most professional-grade hair dryers apart from the bargain brands you will find at your local drugstore is power, and the SuperSolano 3500 Lite Professional Hair Dryer is no exception. It has an 1800-Watt (Italian-made) motor which gives you super velocity and high performance, meaning you can get your hair dried and styled quickly.

Multiple Heat & Speed Settings

The Supersolano 3500 Lite gives you 3 temperatures settings and 2 airspeed settings. These are mostly controlled by a rocker switch on the handle but you also a cold shot button. The cold air helps to seal your cuticles, meaning you can use it to set your style and give your hair that finishing glow one you have dried and styled it.

It utilizes far infrared heat which gives a gentler heat for your hair, combined with ceramics that distribute the heat more reliably, to cut down your drying time. This, combined with the powerful air flow delivered by the high-performance motor, means that you can dry your hair in minutes. It also utilizes tourmaline to add shine to your hair and to smooth it down, thereby reducing pesky flyaway hairs. Together, these technologies become somewhat of a hair drying match made in heaven, giving you the professional results that you’ve always wanted (without the pricey cost of a salon blow out or a trip to the dry bar!).

Sleek Design

The SuperSolano doesn’t just look the part with its sleek, black design, but it sounds it. By that, we mean that it is quiet to run, so it is more comfortable for you to use for extended periods. It has a removable filter, so it is very easy to clean, and it is also lightweight. It weighs in at just 1 pound (453.6 grams), so it can reduce the arm fatigue you experience when blow drying for extended periods.

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Since the Solano SuperSolano 3500 Lite Professional Hair Dryer is all about cutting down drying time, it’s no surprise that this blow dryer comes with not one, but two concentrated nozzles designed to do just that. These add-ons are a great feature for anyone that’s looking to spend less time styling and more time living their life (with fabulous hair, of course!).


  • Solano brand recognition
  • Multiple heat settings
  • Ceramic technology
  • Tourmaline
  • Far infrared technology
  • Two concentrator nozzles to cut down drying time
  • Lightweight and quiet for comfortable extended use
  • High velocity and powerful airflow


  • Fewer settings than some of the other hair dryer we have reviewed

Elchim Classic 2001 Hair Dryer

When it comes to stylish options, nobody does it better than Elchim. That’s why we love that the powerful, salon-quality Elchim Classic 2001 Hair Dryer comes in six fun color options, including: Black, Pink, Red, Black & White, Red & Black and White.

The Elchim Classic 2001 Hair Dryer was also made to last, and even guarantees up to 2,000-hours of use time! From hairstyling newbies to professional stylists, the Elchim Classic 2001 is a wonderful option for anyone that wants to see fast results without the muss or fuss of high-tech features (in a fun color!).

2 Drying Speeds & 5 Adjustable Temperatures

One of the best features of the Elchim Classic 2001 Hair Dryer is its whopping five temperature settings and two drying speeds! It’s a known fact these days that different hair types require different styling settings, and your unique hair is no exception! Whether you have naturally curly hair, thick and bone-straight hair, or something in the middle, you’ll find that there is a heat setting for whatever this hair dryer tackles!

High-Pressure Air Compression Technology

Featuring a professional-grade Italian motor, the Elchim Classic 2001 Hair Dryer is packed with high-pressure airflow technology. The motor has a huge lifetime of 2000 working hours! This feature makes Elchim’s Classic 2001 Hair Dryer ideal for anyone that wants to invest in a reliable and efficient hairstyling tool that can dry hair faster than most other models featuring ionic technology.

2,000-Hours Of Guaranteed Working Time

Here’s where things really get good: the Elchim Classic 2001 Hair Dryer can last for up to 2,000 hours! That’s 83 straight days of non-stop blow drying. And, since it has the capabilities of drying your hair in drastically less time when compared to other hair dryers on the market, there’s a good chance this Elchim model will last you for a pretty long time!

Award-Winning Hair Dryer In The Beauty Industry

Allure Magazine and InStyle Magazine have both been a powerhouse in the fashion and beauty industry for decades. Whether you’re looking for the best tips on fall fashion or the latest crazes in the makeup world, these publications really know what’s up. That’s why we love that the Elchim Classic 2001 Hair Dryer was voted Best in Beauty by Allure Magazine in 2013 and Best in Class by InStyle Magazine in 2014! After all, with the backing of such prominent beauty gurus, it has to be good!

Includes Precision Nozzle

The Elchim Classic 2001 Hair Dryer also comes with one precision nozzle, which was designed to be used for styling and drying. Specifically, it reduces drying time, perfectly concentrates heat and air, and helps guarantee maximum efficiency during use! While this is the only nozzle attachment included with this hair dryer, you can buy other attachments separately. For example, you can get a 2-in-1 Cocoon diffuser separately.


  • Comes in 6 color options
  • Two drying speeds
  • 5 temperature settings
  • High-pressure air compression technology
  • Works for 2,000 hours
  • Best in Beauty by Allure Magazine
  • Best in Class by InStyle Magazine


  • Only comes with one attachment nozzle

CHI Touch 2 Hair Dryer

Attention tech nerds: have we got a hair dryer for you! By far, the CHI Touch 2 Hair Dryer is one of the most advanced and high-tech hair dryer we researched and reviewed. Featuring a touch screen that can toggle between four different settings, snazzy color-coded settings, and a design that would make even The Jetson’s jealous, CHI truly has outdone themselves with this one!

A word to the wise, though: if you are new to hairstyling or consider yourself to be what we lovingly refer to as “technologically challenged,” then the CHI Touch 2 Hair Dryer may seem a bit intimidating at first, but you’ll soon get used to it.

While it may even seem like this hair dryer can do everything but cut your hair and drive your car, it is just the next phase of hairstyling technology in an age dominated by smartphones and smart homes!

3D Ion Generating Technology

By now, you know that negative ion technology does wonders for fighting frizz. So it’s no surprise that the CHI Touch 2 model has taken that technology and gone a step further. Featuring innovative 3D ion-generating technology, the CHI Touch 2 Hair Dryer emits over three times as many ions to bring frizz to a halt!

Innovative Touch Screen Design

This is what truly sets the CHI Touch 2 Hair Dryer apart from every other professional-grade hair dryer we’ve reviewed: it has a super high-tech touch screen. Not just a typical, ‘touch here to turn it on’ touch screen; no, this hair dryer can actually toggle between four different screens, each of which controls a different aspect of the dryer’s technology. Specifically, here are the different touchscreens packed in the CHI Touch 2 Hair Dryer: Speed Screen, Temperature Screen, Ions Screen, Cool Shot Screen. The touchscreen is 2.4 inches and enables you to easily control the intelligent settings.

Provides Moist Heat

Another great feature of the CHI Touch 2 Hair Dryer is that it creates moist heat! As we’ve already discussed, this helps lock in moisture and promote shine. You can get the best results when using it along with CHI styling products, which include a keratin mist and infra shampoo.

Helps Ensure Consistent Temperature Ranges

The CHI Touch 2 Hair Dryer also maintains a consistent temperature throughout use, so you’ll never have to worry about overheating again! This is particularly great for anyone that has longer or thicker hair (and, therefore, spends a decent chunk of time drying their hair) since other hair dryers on the market today can have a tendency to overheat quickly.

Slim And Updated Design

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: this is one cool looking hair dryer. With a sleek red stripe down the barrel and a contoured handle, you just might become the talk of the town by anyone that sees you rocking this high-tech little piece of hairstyling equipment! It is a slimmer design that is also lightweight, weighing in at 2.3 pounds.


  • CHI brand recognition
  • High-tech design
  • 3D ion-generating technology to fight frizz
  • Modern four-screen touchscreen design
  • Emits moist heat
  • Maintains a consistent temperature range
  • Slim, luxury design


  • Might not be best for anyone that has trouble working a smartphone or the latest gadgets (but perfect for iPhone-savvy millennials!)

MHU Professional Infrared Ionic Hair Dryer

When you think of professional hair care, what names come to mind? If you’ve ever visited a luxury salon or a pop-up blowout bar, chances are you’ve come across MHU a time or two. MHU is an absolute powerhouse in the professional hair care and styling industry, and our list of the best hair dryers of 2019 would not be complete without mentioning a product by this incredible company!

The MHU Professional Infrared Ionic Hair Dryer is packed with the features you would expect from something your favorite stylist uses on a daily basis, including a strong 1875-watt motor, multiple heat and speed settings, tourmaline and ceramic negative ion technology for optimal shine, and multiple attachment nozzles for any hair type.

Whether you’re a seasoned hairstyling pro yourself or are just beginning your hair care journey, the MHU Professional Infrared Ionic Hair Dryer can deliver salon-worthy results at home for your unique hair type.

1875-Watt Power

Like some of the other hair dryers we have reviewed, the MHU Professional Infrared Ionic Hair Dryer features a whopping 1875-watt AC motor to keep things running smoothly and efficiently. Likewise, it has a lengthy 2.65-meter cable comes with two removable attachment nozzles for specific styling needs:

  • Nozzle Attachment: ideal for targeted styling and drying
  • Diffuser Attachment: Ideal for curls and waves; softens the air flow

Three Heat Settings

Another fabulous feature of the MHU Professional Infrared Ionic Hair Dryer is its three heat settings! After all, different hair types require different temperature for optimal results! Whether you’re looking to start things slow with low heat, crank it up to high heat, or land somewhere in the middle with this hair dryer’s medium heat setting, the folks at MHU have made it easy to choose the best temperature setting your unique hair type and style!

Two Speed Options

Likewise, the MHU Professional Infrared Ionic Hair Dryer also has two speed options for you to choose from, giving you further customization!

We recommend choosing MHU’s low-speed setting if you want to target small areas with slow and steady heat such as roots. Choose the high-speed setting for an all-over blast of air and faster drying time!

Removable Rear Filter For Easy Cleaning

While most professional hair dryers on the market today have a filter of some sort to block out unwanted dust and debris during styling, these filters can be a plain old pain in the neck to open and clean. That’s why we love that the MHU Professional Infrared Ionic Hair Dryer features an easy-to-remove rear filter. This not only means you can quickly remove any unwanted dust or hair and get on with styling, but it also lengthens the life of the dryer.

Far Infrared, Tourmaline Ceramic And Ion Technology

One of our favorite features of the MHU Professional Infrared Ionic Hair Dryer is its exceptional far infrared, tourmaline ceramic and ion technology! By using a longer wavelength than traditional heat, the infrared rays of this hair dryer penetrate into your hair’s individual cuticles to heat them from the inside-out, while ceramic and negative ion technology reduces droplets in the air stream to protect your hair from damage. The innovative technology found in MHU’s Professional Infrared Ionic Hair Dryer also creates healthier and silkier hair to give new life to dull hair and reduce frizz!


  • MHU brand recognition
  • 1875-watt motor
  • 65-meter cord
  • Comes with two attachments: one nozzle attachment and one diffuser attachment
  • Three heat settings
  • Two speed settings
  • Ideal for any hair type
  • Removeable rear filter
  • Far infrared heat for superior heating
  • Ceramic tourmaline and negative ion technology to add shine and reduce frizz


  • No touch screen or added tech specifications

Berta Professional Hair Dryer

If you are searching for a fantastic, no-nonsense professional hair dryer, look no further than the Berta Professional Hair Dryer! Featuring three targeted attachments for easy styling, a whopping 1875-watts of power, and negative ion and far infrared heating technology to cut down on static, the Berta Professional Hair Dryer is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a simple yet powerful piece of hair care equipment!

Promotes Healthier Hair

The infrared heat and negative ion technology packed in the Berta Professional Hair Dryer is actually good for your hair, making it a great option or anyone that wants softer and healthier hair with less static. In fact, the Berta Professional Hair Dryer emits up to 100 times more negative ions than any other ionic dryer available today and uses infrared technology to heat hair in half the time of conventional heat to reduce the risk of damage.

By locking in your hair’s natural moisture, the Berta Professional Hair Dryer actually creates a protective barrier between your hair and the environment around you, thus reducing chemical and bacteria build-up! This unique feature may be particularly appealing to you if you live in a busy city where smog, dust, and environmental debris tend to be more prevalent in the air around you.

Far Infrared Red Light Technology On Medium And High Heat Settings

Similar to some of the other dryers we have reviewed, the BERTA utilizes far infrared heat functions. When you use this Berta dryer’s medium/high setting, you will notice it emits the red light that helps to heat your hair from the inside out. This gives you faster and safer drying with less damage.

Comes With 3 Additional Attachments For Styling Options

When it comes to hair care and styling, the more options, the better! That’s why we love that the Berta Professional Hair Dryer comes with three removable attachments to meet whatever styling demands your hair may have on a given day. These attachments include:

  • One concentrator nozzle
  • One diffuser attachment
  • One straightening comb pik

The straightening comb pik is particularly unique and works as a built-in comb right on the end of your hairdryer. Not a bad idea for anyone that struggles with unruly tangles or stubborn curls on a regular basis!

Per our recommendation, make sure to brush your hair before using any diffuser attachments or straightening comb piks. You don’t want to snag your precious strands or get them caught in these attachments. Plus, doing so will make it that much easier to style your hair!

4x Longer Lifespan Compared To Other Hair Dryers

Choosing to purchase a professional-grade hair dryer is an important investment, and it is an investment that you want to last for many years into the future. That’s why we love that the Berta Professional Hair Dryer features a durable AC motor that can last up to 4 times as long as other hair dryer motors on the market today. Since the folks at Berta claim you can dry your hair in just five minutes with this powerful hair dryer, that’s a whole lot of drying time in your future!

When shopping for a new professional hair dryer (or any hair care tool, for that matter) double check that the device’s plug is compatible with your home country’s power outlets! This information can easily be found by checking out the product description or, alternatively, feel free to purchase an adapter as needed!

Non-Snagging Hair Filter

Almost all beauty-loving women around the world have experienced the horror of getting their hair caught in a hair dryer at least once in their lives. It is an absolutely terrifying experience and, if you are among the handful of women that haven’t experienced this fear firsthand, we sincerely hope it stays that way. That’s why the non-snagging hair filter located in the Berta Professional Hair Dryer is so appealing!

According to the pros at Berta, this professional hair dryer features a double safety filter that prevents hair from getting caught (phew!) while also facilitating easy cleanup. We also love that this particular hair dryer comes with a one-year replacement policy and a two-year warranty, so your purchase will be protected for years to come!

If you ever find yourself (and your hair) caught in a bind with your hair dryer or other styling tools, don’t worry! Simply follow these quick steps and you will be untangled before you know it:

  • Turn OFF your hair dryer (or curling iron or flat iron)
  • Wait for it to cool off before touching it (this is especially important if you get tangled up in a flat iron or curling iron!)
  • Gently remove the filter to free your hair (or ask a friend to lend you a hand)
  • If this doesn’t work, slowly remove your hair strand by strand
  • If all else fails, trim the last couple of strands. Nobody will notice and, as the saying goes, lesson learned!
  • Once you have freed your hair, check the tool for any remnants of stray hair or debris and clean as you normally would


  • Far infrared and ionic technology promotes healthier hair with use
  • Creates a natural barrier between your hair and airborne bacteria or chemicals
  • Uses red light (far infrared) heating technology on medium/high setting
  • Comes with three styling attachments, including one concentrator nozzle, one diffuser attachment, and one straightening comb pik
  • Motor lasts four times longer than other comparable hair dryers on the market
  • Claims to dry hair in just five minutes
  • Includes a non-snagging removable filter
  • 1875-watt powerful motor
  • Emits up to 100 times more negative ions compared to other hair dryers on the market today


  • Rather large design, may not be ideal for travel


While there are a ton of great options to choose from, our all-around top pick as the best hair dryer of 2021 is the Elchim 3900 Ionic Hair Dryer! Featuring a lightweight and balanced design, the Elchim 3900 Ionic Hair Dryer is the perfect blend of Italian engineering and hair care precision. We especially love that this hair dryer has the ability to dry your hair up to 30% and that it uses ionic and ceramic heating technology to deliver salon-worthy results time after time again.

Likewise, its quiet yet powerful motor delivers an excellent airspeed and the ergonomic handle and balance of the tool makes hand strain a thing of the past. Whether you are completely new to the world of blow drying and are shopping for your first model or have been doing this for a couple of decades, the Elchim 3900 Ionic Hair Dryer provides the professional-grade results you’re looking for in an easy-to-use package!

Coming in at a close second, the T3 Featherweight Luxe 2I Hair Dryer is our second editor’s choice as the best hair dryer on the market today. Featuring a unique cone-shaped design to dry large sections of hair faster, this hair dryer is a great option for anyone that is just plain sick and tired of spending hours blow drying their hair every single morning. We also love that the T3 Featherweight Luxe 2I Hair Dryer comes in a lightweight design (just as its name suggests) and that its innovative heating technology actually leaves hair looking and feeling healthier than plain air drying alone. Very few (if any other) hairstyling tools can actually claim to be a better option than Mother Nature herself, and we love that T3 has designed a hair dryer that does just that!

Why You Should Start Using A Professional Hair Dryer

When it comes to hair care, the stakes are high. After all, one of the first things we notice about each other’s appearances boils down to the length, shape, cut, style, and color of each other’s hair. While the eyes may be the window to the soul, your hair is certainly the frame that highlights your naturally beautiful features (and the contouring makeup you spent 25 minutes perfecting…shh, we won’t tell!).

That’s why women all around the world have devoted so much time, energy, and effort into caring for and styling their hair. Whether you need to blow-out a naturally curly head of hair, tame loose fly away’s, or simply dry off before heading out into the winter cold, finding and using a reliable hair dryer can make all the difference in your morning hair care routine. After all, if you are going to spend so much time primping and perfecting your hair, you might as well do it with a professional-grade and salon-quality product that’s fun to use and super effective!

If you’ve stumbled across this buyer’s guide, the chances are that you fall into one of the following categories:

  • You are looking to invest in a salon-quality professional hair dryer;
  • You already spent a couple of hundred bucks on an allegedly salon-quality hair dryer and are not pleased with the results; or
  • Someone (maybe it was a hair stylist, your mom, or a close friend) told you that you really should start blow drying your hair and you have no clue where to start!

No matter what brought you here, we have collected absolutely anything and everything you need to know about shopping for and purchasing a reliable, professional-grade hair dryer! That said, who should start using a professional hair dryer? Simply put, everyone (yes, even you). And here’s why:

Reason #1: Better Investment

We know what you’re thinking, “why on God’s Green Earth would I spend that kind of money on a hairdryer when there are super affordable ones sitting on the shelf of my local drugstore down the street?!” And, to be fair, you have a point. There are a ton of non-professional hair dryers on the market today and you can pop into any Big Box store right now and pick one up.

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That said, these cheap tools are just that: cheap. They don’t last very long; they have a tendency to harm your hair and, in the long run, cost you more money. How? Well, think about this way: if you have to replace your drugstore bargain find once every month or so at the rate of $30 a pop, you can easily spend upwards of $300 on replacement costs alone. We hate to be the bearers of bad news here, but you could have purchased a couple of salon-quality hair dryers for that price (which tend to last a heck of a lot longer!) and had some change to spare…

Reason #2: Better Results

There’s a reason your favorite high-end salon isn’t using styling products like the ones you can find in your local drug store or Big Box retailer: they don’t work. Salon-quality and professional hairstyling tools are, by their very nature, designed to last for quite a long time and deliver superior results (after all, do you think John Frieda supplies his salons with new tools every couple of weeks? We think not!). When you invest in a professional salon-quality hair dryer, you are also ensuring the overall health and longevity of your natural hair, which is probably the single most important reason to shop for a high-end hair dryer! Unfortunately, most non-professional hair dryers can do a number to your hair and can cause burning, singeing, and even permanent breakage. So save yourself and your precious locks the unnecessary strain and invest in a great hair dryer…you’ll be glad you did!

Reason #3: Save Time

Another great perk about salon-quality professional hair dryers? They can do the job of their knockoff wannabe’s in significantly less time! In fact, many of the hair dryers you’ll find in our comprehensive review can dry your hair upwards of 30% – 40% faster than other models on the market! It might not seem like it now, but that is a lot of time over the years that you can spend doing something else far more important and can even help cut your morning routine in half!

Who Should Start Using A Professional-Grade Hair Dryer?

So, who should start using one of these nifty professional-grade hair dryers? Anyone that wants to style their hair without inflicting more damage. Anyone that wants to achieve incredible, salon-worthy blowouts at home. Anyone that wants to dry their hair every day, but is sick and tired of it taking so flipping long. Anyone that wants to try out a new hairdo.

Anyone that loves their natural hair and wants to protect it for years to come. Anyone that is sick of paying $75 for a professional blowout at some over-priced dry bar downtown. So, does any of that sound familiar? We thought so…

The Best Hair Dryer For Your Unique Hair Type

Just as there are certain hair care products designed for certain hair types, some hair dryers are better suited for different types of hair. All of the lingo and specs can easily become overwhelming (and just plain confusing!), which is why we have done the hard work for you and compiled this easy reference guide for the best hair dryer for your unique hair type!

Fine Or Thinning Hair

If your natural hair is fine or thinning, the most important thing to look for in a new hairdryer is heat control. Since your hair is naturally fine and susceptible to damage or breakage, you want to reduce the likelihood of additional damage as much as possible. Hair dryers that feature temperature controls and even those that can maintain a designated heat range for a set period of time are best to ensure you don’t put any added strain on your delicate tresses.

You may also want to consider looking for a professional hair dryer with ceramic heating technology, which typically has the ability to create moist heat. This design feature helps lock in moisture, giving your hair a natural barrier of protection against heat damage and breakage. Likewise, negative ion technology can help keep those fine flyaways at bay by reducing static electricity!

Curly Or Coarse Hair

If you have especially curly or coarse hair, repeat after us: less is more. We know you may be tempted to blast your curls with the hottest possible heat setting to finish your morning hair styling routine in less time each day, but these super-hot temperatures can really do quite the number on your unique hair type. Believe it or not, curls and coarse hair are more susceptible to heat damage than thick types and this unwanted blast of hot air may cause additional breakage and even frying (and, as any gal knows, there is no worse smell than burning hair…).

When shopping for your next professional hair dryer, you will want to keep an eye out for models and brands featuring a multitude of heat settings, so you can opt for a little less heat and still get the job done. Likewise, additional drying speeds may allow you to dry your hair in the same or less time while using lower temperatures!

Thick Hair

Ask any girl with a thick head of hair what her least favorite activity is, and she will tell you the exact same answer time after time again: drying her hair. Sure, those luscious flowing locks of thick straight hair are absolutely gorgeous (and we all have that one friend whose gift of this hair type we secretly want to steal in her sleep), but man does it take a long time to dry. For some women with thick hair, blow drying can take up to two hours. TWO. HOURS. That’s an entire two episodes of your favorite show on Netflix! Enough time to cook dinner and bake a batch of cookies. Longer than most people’s commutes to work!

If you find yourself in this blessed and cursed category, don’t worry. Technology has come a really long way in recent years and many professional-grade hair dryers can actually dry your hair in under a half hour. You will want to look for professional hair dryers that have attachments specially designed for thick hair (typically a brush-shaped nozzle) as well as those that advertise speedier drying times!

Short Hair

On the complete opposite end of the drying time spectrum, we have the lucky gals with short hair. Whether you’re rocking a short pixie cut or what the millennials have dubbed the “Lob” (Long Bob), you can probably dry your hair from sopping wet to finished in as little as ten minutes max. If this sounds like you, then you will want to shop for a professional hair dryer that comes with targeted nozzles to control where the air flow is circulating. Since you have less time to mess around with airflow, you’ll want to target it to the root (for volume) and glide down to the tip so you can get it right the first time!

Long Hair

These gals fall into a similar category to those with thick hair since it can also take them a pretty long time to blow dry their hair! If you have mermaid-worthy hair and freak out when your stylist tries to trim off any more than an inch, you’ll want to look for a professional hair dryer that cuts down drying time and is lightweight. After all, if you wanted to drag a 10-pound dumbbell down the length of your hair, you would just hit the gym!

Less Is More: Average Weights Of Professional Hair Dryers

One of the most important features that sets professional hair dryers apart from others on the market has to do with their weight. Since these tools are designed to be handled by professional stylists for hours on end every single day, most of the high-end manufacturers have made a point to cut down on the added weight and streamline their designs.

While you might not be tasked with the God-gifted privilege of blow drying a celebrity’s hair every day before a movie shooting or music video, you will be handling this little tool more often then you think. So do yourself (and your poor hands!) a favor and purchase a professional hair dryer that is categorized as lightweight!

Why You Should Care About The Weight Of Your Next Hair Dryer

If the average woman spends roughly 20 minutes per day drying her hair, then that’s about 100 hours per year (crazy, right?!) Do you really want to spend 100 hours of your life pumping iron in front of your bathroom mirror every morning? Probably not.

Ideal Weights For Professional-Grade Hair Dryers

Most professional-grade hair dryers on the market today weigh anywhere from 1.5 pounds to a little over 3 pounds. For reference, that’s less than most of the single items you pick up at the grocery store each week and certainly less than the non-professional hair dryers that are available on the market today.

Our Top Tips for Using Your Professional Hair Dryer

Whether you have just ordered your brand new professional hair dryer or are anxiously awaiting its arrival in the mail soon, there are a few “pro tips” you can start prepping for and implementing into your beauty routine to make the most out of this amazing new purchase! Our tips were hand-selected to help you maintain the natural health of your hair while achieving the gorgeous, salon-worthy results you’ve always wanted…all from the comfort of your own home!

Always Use A Heat Protectant

No matter which professional-grade hair dryer you decided to go with, always use a heat protectant before you start blow drying your hair. Even the snazziest of hair dryers have the potential to cause a little bit of damage to your hair, and you want to maintain that gorgeous texture, color, and style for as long as possible! To use, simply spritz this spray into your damp hair before you begin blow drying and you can rest easy knowing your hair is protected from whatever temperatures life may throw your way.

Going on a beach vacation? The harmful rays of the sun can damage your hair just like they can damage your skin! Add a spritz of heat protectant poolside to avoid unnecessary hair damage caused by the sun and help prevent color fading!

Give Your Locks A Break From Time to Time

Depending on your career and the lifestyle you lead, you may be tempted to blow out your hair every single day from now until the end of time. While a gorgeous, salon-worthy blowout like this may seem like a good idea, your poor strands are begging for a break. Mark your calendar and promise to take just one day off per week from heated styling. Maybe you let your locks air dry or your pull it into a cute braided bun, but however you do it, give those tired locks a break. If a week seems too unreasonable, try once every other week or even just once per month. The health of your hair depends on it!

Try Adding Some Tools

Many women have a few hairstyling tools at their disposal, including a curling iron and flat iron. But what if we told you that your professional-grade hair dryer could replace both?! With the right tools and brushes, you can achieve the same look with just a bit of hot air:

  • Curls And Waves – Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, you will want to purchase a small or medium-sized round brush for this trick. Simply wind your hair around and around the round brush and hold the dryer against your coil of hair for 15-20 seconds. Gently unravel the section of hair and voila! Instant curl! Repeat this process in small sections throughout your entire head until you reach the desired number of waves or curls.
  • High Volume – For this trick, purchase a large (and we mean large!) round brush. Parting your hair in the middle, create a small section of hair just above the crown of your hair and roll it repeatedly over the round brush going right down to the root. Repeat as your blast this section with warm air and watch the volume build! You can continue this same process all around your head, concentrating at the roots to increase volume. To seal it all into place, add a spritz of medium to strong hold hairspray near your roots!
  • Sleek And Straight – Ditch the flat iron and straighten your hair with a hairdryer instead! Using a flat paddle brush, drag your hair between the brush and hair dryer in the small section until dry. You will be left with straight and shiny hair without the fuss of flat ironing!

Embrace A Burst Of Cool Air

Most professional hair dryers these days are packed with a cooling feature to give your scalp a much-needed break from the hot temperatures of the styling device. So instead of suffering through the heat, press the cooling button and feel the cool summer breeze blow through your hair! Your scalp and tresses will thank you!

Towel Dry First

Not too long ago, we used to live in a world where smoking hair was no cause for concern. We’re not entirely sure why this was the case (or how we all didn’t end up bald!), but thankfully those days are long gone. To avoid any smoking (otherwise known as singeing), towel dry your hair before you blow dry it and never, ever use a flat iron or curling iron on wet hair! Don’t cut corners; if you don’t have time to blow out your hair the right way, opt for a cute wet style like this instead!

Cleaning And Caring For Your New Professional Hair Dryer

Once you’ve purchased your new professional hair dryer and have started mastering all of the wonderful things it can do, it’s time to start thinking about caring for it! After all, you want this purchase to last you for years to come and that’s unlikely to happen if you’re tossing it at the bottom of your closet or absentmindedly leaving it on the bathroom counter all the time.

Check For Loose Strands

After you’ve finished blow drying your hair, check the filter and nozzle for any loose strands that may have gotten caught while styling. Remove those that you find and toss them into the trash. If you don’t, they may become dislodged in your new professional hair dryer and cause that dreaded fried hair smell…yuck!

Clean The Filter Regularly

Along these same lines, please clean out the filter in your hair dryer! Look, we get it; life is busy, you have appointments to get to, kids to shuffle back and forth to school, and dinner to get on the table. But please, we beg of you, clean out the filter in your hair dryer!

It can take as little as a couple of weeks for some serious dust and dirt to build up in there, and those nasty particles are the last thing you want to be blowing all over your head! Think about it like this, would you go year after year using the same air conditioner without cleaning out its filter? No way. And the same rule applies to your new professional hair dryer!

Store Your Hair Dryer In A Cool Place

Just like any other piece of equipment or appliance in your home, your new professional hair dryer can become damaged when it’s left out in the heat for too long. Look for a spot out of direct sunlight where you can easily grab your new professional hair dryer when you need it. We recommend a clean (emphasis on the clean part!) drawer in your bathroom or vanity.

Beware Of Fraying Cords

Hair dryers use electricity. Electricity comes from a wall socket. Frayed wires can cause fires. These three facts shouldn’t be rocket science, but you would be shocked by the sheer number of fires that are caused each year by reckless hair drying! Every couple of months, check the cord of your new professional hair dryer for signs of damage and, if you find anything, contact the manufacturer for any possible warranty protections that may apply. Along the same lines, do not leave your hair dryer plugged in after use and never leave it near a water source!

Know When It’s Time To Replace Your Hair Dryer

We know how hard it is to bid farewell to your trusty old hair dryer but, just like any other tool in your home, the time will come when it’s time to replace your hair dryer. While shelf lives vary from brand to brand and model to model, there are certain tell-tale signs you can look for that indicate it may be time to replace your professional hair dryer:

  • Your hair dryer doesn’t get as hot as it once did
  • Your hair dryer has less air pressure than it once did
  • Your hair dryer stops unexpectantly
  • Your hair dryer’s cord is fraying
  • Your hair dryer smells moldy or rusty
  • Your hair dryer appears rusty
  • Your hair dryer won’t turn on or takes a few tries to turn on