Best Hair Clipper/Trimmer – A Comprehensive Guide

After testing 22+ hair clipper/trimmer, we think that the Oster 76076-010 Classic is the best hair clipper for most people. If you want the absolute best in hair clipper, Oster Professional 76023-510 should be your choice. But if you’re looking for the best budget hair clipper you can’t go wrong with the Wahl Colour Pro.

Whether you’re a professional hairstylist or just somebody who wants to put his creative leg forward and do his own hair-cut, hair clippers are the most efficient tool for hair cutting. From professional grade advanced clippers to simple-to-operate models, the sheer versatility of hair clippers are overwhelming. Choosing the right hair clipper is a matter of individual preference and level of expertise of the person using it. Finding the best hair clipper comprises of two basic steps. One, knowing and understanding the essential features of these equipments, two, knowing what purposes you intend to use the device for. If you want to go full bald, perhaps you should be looking for an electric head shaver.

Hair clippers are primarily suitable for bulk cutting and detailing. A great hairstyle is a reflection of your personality, it not only makes you look attractive but also boosts your confidence. It’s true that professional salons could give you your dream hair-cut, but for that, you have to cough up more than you actually want to. Home hair clippers, much like home hair straightening solutions, are capable of creating the similar effect, that too without anyone charging ridiculously. But beyond everything, there’s nothing more satisfying than being able to style your hair on your own. In this article, I have attempted to compile all the necessary details you need to know in order to make an informed decision.

Best Hair Clipper/Trimmer – Handpicked Choices

Product NameSummary 
Oster 76076-010 Classic 76 Universal Motor
(EditorТs Choice)
A+ Check Price
Philips Norelco QC5580/40B Check Price
Andis Master Clipper 01557A+ Check Price
Oster Professional 76023-510 Fast FeedA Check Price
Wahl Colour ProB Check Price

Reviews of the Best Hair Clippers of 2018

Oster 76076-010 Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper

Best Hair Clipper/Trimmer – A Comprehensive Guide

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My top pick for the list of the best hair clippers is this absolutely amazing creation by the highly acclaimed Oster. The classic 76 is powered by a dynamic rotary motor, which alone speaks for its premium quality.
Rotary motor is widely considered to be the best type of motor of professional-level hair cutting. Being universal in nature, it caters to a massive range of cutting and styling applications, under both wet and dry conditions, on any hair type.
It comprises of sharp and robust detachable Cryogen-x blades that be adjusted according to the style of hair you want. Plus, the blades come in 13 sizes! The comb attachment ranges up to 0 to 1 mm for accomplishing multiple cutting lengths without struggle. The tool is engineered to make bulk cutting jobs feel like a cakewalk.
Built to last long, the classic 76 has a sturdy casing that doesn’t break, no matter how many times it slips out of your hands. Oster 76076-010 Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper is a complete package, apart from the clipper itself, the box also includes a maintenance guide, clipper grease, a cleaning brush and blade guards.

Philips Norelco QC5580/40

Best Hair Clipper/Trimmer – A Comprehensive Guide

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Philips men’s and women’s hair trimmers have an unmatched reputation since the brand stepped into the industry. If you’re a novice and not sure whether to invest in a feature-rich clipper or not, here comes the most beginner’s friendly hair clipper from the master-craftsmen at Philips.
What makes this model much ahead of its contemporaries is its special 180 degree rotating head design. This feature makes it incredibly easy for amateurs to achieve the finesse only possible by trained hair stylists at those expensive professional salons.
Being a cordless unit further gives it a critical advantage regarding the flexibility. The blades used in this model in made from a tough steel and is self-sharpening. Moreover, Philips Norelco is a clipper cum electric head shaver. All you have to do is to set the attachment at 0 mm to make the transformation. For those who want a compact and fast clipper to get a quick grooming on business trips, this lightweight kit comes with a cool zipper case for secure portability.

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Andis Master Clipper 01557

Best Hair Clipper/Trimmer – A Comprehensive Guide

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Andis Master Clipper has recently gone through some improvisation. The upgraded version, I must say is two times more impressive than its no-less awesome ancestor.
This unit draws its dynamic force from a top-grade magnetic motor. The solid yet lightweight aluminium housing adds a distinct appearance to the model. The blade is produced from a top quality carbon steel that provides extraordinary sharpness and smoothness of cut.
Andis Master 01557 is specially built for heavy-duty cutting jobs. The powerful motor, combined with super sharp blades makes tricky cutting tasks on dry and thick hair a breeze. For different cutting lengths, you need to adjust the single lever located on the body of the clipper. Magnetic motors are infamous for excessive noise and vibration production while switched on. To resolve this issue, Master Clipper has included a flat head screw to reduce the noise.

Oster Professional 76023-510 Fast Feed Clipper with Adjustable Blade

Best Hair Clipper/Trimmer – A Comprehensive Guide

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Oster Fast Feed is the substitute of the Classic 76 for the beginners. The unit executes silent-free operation at a great speed, thanks to its pivot motor.
Due to the slower blade speed, the trimmer can be rotated in swift motion all over the head for detailed and even-length cuts. Specially engineered for short to medium-length hair, the Oster Fast Feed comes with adjustable blades ranging from 1/50 inch to 3/32 inch.
Despite of the low blade speed, you have to constantly lubricate the blades in order to prevent overheating. Since it offers only four comb guides (1/8 inch to ½ inch), using it on long hair might affect the performance quality. Above all, what makes it such a tempting deal among the masses is its reasonable price tag. Apart from these minor drawbacks, Fast Feed Clipper enjoys overwhelming popularity among pros and novices alike.

Wahl Colour Pro

Best Hair Clipper/Trimmer – A Comprehensive Guide

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Wahl Colour Pro has a bundle of utilities and accessories to turn your dream of DIY hair styling into a beautiful reality. Pro Colour is truly an amateur’s saving grace. It comes with 11 guide combs, including an ear and eyebrow trim guide for multiple applications.
These guide combs are available in different colours to make it much easier for you to remember which length belongs to which guard. The self-sharpening carbon steel blades packs a punch while abundance of essential accessories like a flat top comb, a neck brush, a blade guard facilitates optimal convenience.
The plastic casing may not be as sturdy as aluminium, which might call for some frowning. Another thing that kept bugging me during the test was the overheating. The unit needs to be oiled at regular intervals to be kept cooled. But at this price range, you shouldn’t be expecting a bombastic clipper with almost no inadequacies. Wahl Colour Pro is an all-rounder with a large assortment of accessories facilitating satisfactory performance. Despite of the limitations, it can be counted as a great value for money deal.

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How to Choose the Best Hair Clipper

Best Hair Clipper/Trimmer – A Comprehensive GuideMotor

The quality of the motor integrated in a hair clipper has a deep impact on its performance and durability. A fancy trimming kit with a poor motor is nothing but a waste of money. Motor strength is even more important if you’re a pro who needs to deal with bulk cutting every day. High performance motor means steeper price tag. So, if you want a clipper for basic hair cutting at home, a mid-range device will suffice. There are three basic types of motor used in hair clippers-rotary, pivot and magnetic.

The first one is the most powerful of the lot and usually found in top-end models. It’s a universal motor, run by both AC and DC current. The chief characteristic of a rotary blade motor is higher torque and low blade speed. Clippers equipped with this kind of motor are well-suited for wet and thick hair.

A pivot motor accounts for an average blade speed, coupled with a great force. Like a rotary motor, it can also be used for bulk cutting on thick and wet hair. It is particularly designed for amateurs who might find it rather difficult to operate a heavy-weight trimmer. While it’s lightweight makes it easy on hands, the slow blade speed helps you achieve precise cutting results on thick hair.
Magnetic motors are fast but not as good with detailed trimming as the above-mentioned types. Mostly found in low-budget hair clippers, magnetic motor is good for basic hair cutting and trimming on dry hair. On the brighter side, tools powered by such motors comer handy for grooming when you’re in rush. Nevertheless, the quick heating and high vibration could raise difficulties at times.


The construction material and design of the blade is another critical aspect to take into account here. Blades sculpted from the sharpest and sturdiest materials like steel and carbon steel deliver the best cutting performance at an incredible speed. A high-quality hair clipper will definitely come with detachable blades of different sizes. The variable sizes facilitates trimming and cutting at different lengths. The average size of a hair clipper blade ranges from 0.2 mm to 13 mm.
Also make sure that the blades are hassle-free to maintain. You don’t want to get into the hassle of constant cleaning while trying to concentrate on the cutting task. My personal recommendation would be a carbon steel blade operated by a magnetic motor for semi-professional uses. If you want to take this to the next level, look out for a blade made from premium grade titanium or certified zirconium oxide (for minimum heat build-up).

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The exterior of a hair clipper speaks volume of its credibility. The ergonomics of any tool is the clear indicative of its durability and performance and ease of use. Always pin down the products made from the best quality materials capable of withstanding the wear and tear of time, such as aluminium. Ideally, it should have a textured surface for a firm grip. Never, ever opt for those cheap quality plastic trimmers that’ll break into pieces if you accidentally drop it on the floor.


The bestselling hair clippers in today’s market offer guide combs varying from 1/16 inch to 1 inch, for optimum flexibility. These attachment combs are much more than add-on accessories. These will help you achieve uniform cut at the exact length you want, especially for those without any formal training in hair cutting. The hairstyle you’ve pictured in your mind will be impossible to actualise if you fail to accomplish the desired length. Therefore, check the range of the comb guides thoroughly before heading to the transaction process.


A reliable hair grooming kit from a renowned manufacturer should provide the maintenance guide and tools right in the product package. A delicate tool like hair clipper has to be kept at optimal condition all the time in order to receive maximum performance from it. Maintenance accessories like cleaning tools, brushes, lubricants help you extend the lifespan of your clipper. Since nobody wants to spend too much time on cleaning the tool, eye for a product requiring just the basic maintenance. That way you save a lot of time that can be effectively utilized in more constructive works.


For those who want travel frequently and want to look their best all the time should stress on the portability factor. A lightweight, compact tool is easy to carry in your travel case and use under both wet and dry conditions. Those being said, make sure the limited size and weight of the equipment doesn’t hinder the performance of it.

Pocket Pinch

The quality of blade, motor power, housing and features are the primary factors that determine the price of a hair clipper. Brand value also plays a pivotal role in this case. While the lesser known companies may claim to offer the similar features at a price twice lower than the acknowledged brands, there’s no guarantee on its durability or performance whatsoever. If you’re offered a feature-packed product at an exceptionally low price, it’s safer to avoid it. On the other hand, purchasing things from an established manufacturer may set you back at a higher pocket-pinch, you’re at least assured of the risk coverage and performance guarantee.


The sole aim behind writing this article was to ensure that you don’t feel yourself deep neck in confusion while shopping for the best hair trimmer. If the above mentioned information could help you differentiate one product from another on the basis of their functions, you’re already half way through the success. Don’t just rely on online reviews of a single product, to get the best deals on hair clippers, you should compare and contrast the prices and features of a couple of models. This might take a while but the effort will be worth it.