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Best Facial Epilator 2017


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best facial epilatorHow often have you gotten all dressed up and started to apply your makeup when you noticed that you had a thin layer of hair on top of your upper lip? Or maybe you have even caught your eyebrow doing an extra jumping jack when you needed for it to stay in place. Unfortunately, you’ve fallen victim to one of our natural enemies: facial hair.  Contrary to popular belief, it is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.  Some people do tend to be a little hairier than others, but there’s no need to stress about it. Many women will try and tell you that the only surefire way to get unwanted hair off of your face is to go to a professional and get ripped up by hot wax, invest in a pack of expensive razors, or even become best friends with a tweezer. I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  You don’t have to go broke to get rid of the extra hair on your face. Allow me to introduce you to a wonderful underrated product and discover the best facial epilator.

As the name suggests, the facial epilator does exactly what you probably think it does: removes hair from off of your face. In case you’re not familiar with how an epilator works, think of it as a row of tweezers that gently removes hair from the root. I use the term gentle loosely because all epilators are not created equal. Depending on what you want to achieve, some may fit your needs better than others. In other words, you don’t want to just go buy one without having any idea of what you’re getting yourself into. We’re going to take out a lot of guess work and provide you with a list of top epilators on the market that specifically target facial hair removal.

Epilator 1: The Braun 810, 820, 830

braun 830 epilator for faceThe Braun 820 claims to be the first epilator created that not only removes hair, but also cleanses your face at the same time. That’s right. We’re talking about an epilator/cleansing brush duo. The contraption features about 10 different tweezers able to capture hairs that are as short as .02 millimeters long. The idea is that while you’re getting hair off of your face, you’re also able to get a gentle exfoliation at the same time, leaving you with silky smooth hair-free skin.  It is a little pricey, averaging about $55-$65 each. The Braun 820 is very slim, smooth, and small which makes it perfect to put on when you’re in a rush. It’s said to be as easy as putting on eye liner.

The differences between the 3 epilators listed are not only in their price, but in a few of their features. The Braun 810 is the most basic with just the epilator and the spin brush combo. The Braun 820 has an extra brush refill, and the Braun 830 contains a beauty pouch and a lighted mirror. The biggest con to this epilator is that since it is battery operated, it has the potential to malfunction once the batteries start to get low. Overall, this epilator is said to be one of the better epilators for face, particularly for those that have fine or coarse hairs. This is not something that you would want to try to use for any other part of your body.

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Epilator 2: The Emjoi Epi Slim

emjoi epi slimThe next epilator for face that we’re going to look at is called the Emjoi Epi Slim. This epilator has a few things about it that make it special. First, it has a safety button. For the newer epilator user, this could definitely come in handy to make sure that you don’t make a mistake and start your epilator before you’re ready to. Second, it features 9 tweezers meaning that you will hopefully get a pretty close pluck without being in a ton of pain. It’s said to be quite effective and one of the better epilators for upper lip and chin area. The product is said to be best for women that have thicker or coarser facial hair. It’s recommended to not look too much into trying to do your eyebrows with this one.  It simply doesn’t work well enough on fine hairs. The Emjoi Epi Slim’s claim to fame is that it is perfect for travel because of its versatility in terms of what hair it can be used to get rid of. Yes, it’s good for more than just areas of the face. Some customers have used it for underarms and the bikini area as well.

So, if you’re looking for something that is great for the face, but can also be used on a few other body parts, then this epilator is for you. However, be warned. Even though it is great for travel, it is also said to be loud. For someone that may want have something to pluck a few unwanted hairs at the office, you probably will find the loud noise a bit embarrassing. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t count this epilator out when searching for the product of your dreams. It’s only about $30-$45, making it a great choice for those who don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a facial epilator.

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Epilator 3: The  Remington EP7030

remington epilator facial hair removalRemington has been a leading name in beauty products for years, so it’s no surprise that they were able to come up with a killer epilator.  The Remington EP7030 is best for women that have very coarse hair on their face.  So, for the ultimate tool in extremely coarse facial hair removal, this epilator can be your best friend.  Although it can be used on other areas of the body, it does have a special attachment for those that want to specifically focus on removing hair in the chin, lip, and side burn region. It features a whopping 40 tweezers to ensure that it removes a lot of hairs as quickly as possible. In fact, it is said to get rid of hair much faster than some competitors. The battery is rechargeable, meaning less money spent over time.

Like all epilators, the Remington EP7030 does have a few disadvantages. The design is a bit bulky, so it can get difficult to reach certain places on your face. It is also very loud, so you would not want to use this if you were trying to be discreet. Lastly, because of all the tweezers, it does hurt a bit more. The pain is due mainly to the fact that you have about 40 hairs coming out at once as opposed to 10 o 12 like some of the other epilators that we’ve reviewed so far. If you’re looking for an epilator that can do everything in addition to your face, then the Remington EP7030 takes the cake.

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Epilator 4: Braun Silk Epil 9

braun silk 9 epilatorThe Braun Silk Epil 9 is a powerhouse of an epilator. Depending on the specific model that you choose, you will find yourself with an epilator that comes with a massage roller cap, skin contact cap, shaving head and trimmer cap, facial cleansing brush, and of course a charging stand. As you may have expected, the epilator can be used on other parts of the body in addition to your face.

There are a plethora of special features to this epilator. It contains a pivoting head making it easy to go along the different curves that can be found on your face. It has different safety features like the inability to work when it is plugged into the wall. It has a smart light function which allows you to get rid of even the finest of hairs. It also has a massaging function built into it to help ease any irritation that may arise while using it.

Even though it has all of these great features, there is some question as to how well they work. It is painful, so do not think that you’re getting away pain free by using this model. Although the massage cap is said to be more soothing, many women have said that it is more painful than using some of the other caps. Results last about 3-4 weeks until it comes time to remove hair again, but its recommended to be used once every two weeks to keep the face nice and smooth. Also, this model is one of the more expensive facial hair epilators on the market.

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Epilator 5: The Bellabe

bellabe hair trimmerThis epilator is much different from the previous models in that it is completely manual. It’s shape like a spring with two handles on either side, giving you both maximum flexibility and comfort. It works by catching the hair as you open and close the spring.  The Bellabe is very inexpensive, but it is only good for removing the finest of hairs from the face.  It also would not do you much good if you tried to use it on any other part of the body because the majority of the hairs on the body are a bit thicker than what can be found on the face. Also, it’s worth mentioning that you wouldn’t be able to do use this epilator quickly. Because it’s done manually, it will take much longer than any other epilator that we have previously mentioned. However, don’t turn your cheek to the Bellabe. If you’re looking for a cheap way to get into the facial epilator lifestyle, this is probably the best way to start.

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So what’s the best facial epilator?

Any time you start trying to find your perfect epilator for facial hair, always be sure to keep in mind what area you want to focus on. Since our target was the face, we wanted to choose an epilator that is gentle enough to not leave any scars or hurt the face but strong enough to remove the coarsest of hairs. Without question, the Braun 820 wins for being the best facial epilator out there. With its slim design and precision, it’s the perfect epilator for upper lips, chin hair, eyebrow, and of course the sides. The other epilators work well on the face and even other parts of the body, but none of them can get to those eyebrows like the Braun 820.