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lilyHi there! My name’s Lilly Bates and thank you for visiting my blog. I am a former Medical Biology student and I currently reside in New York. I have always been interested in health and particularly skincare. I have tried pretty much all of the hair removal methods and many natural skincare remedies. That’s mostly the reason why I created this blog. I want to share my experience and whatever I learn from my friends or books.

Blogging is one of my hobbies. However, I also love playing the piano, travelling and skiing. Those are my favourite pastimes.

Why LillysEpilators?

Whether you are a male or a female, I feel like you are here because you are curious on getting rid of those unwanted hairs – doing it by yourself, achieving the maximum effect. In this site, I offer you an alternative way of removing hairs using an epilator. If you haven’t heard of it, or you would want to compare epilators, then you have arrived to the right site.

I am here to answer all your Epilator questions…

In general, it is pretty easy to remove hairs by waxing, however, it could be too painful for some. If you use blades, shaving still leaves hairs behind. I am sure you would want those hairs to be totally removed. Whether you are targeting to get and land that dream job, having a once in a lifetime wedding of your life, or simply being “you” while lying on the beach, you want to look as best as possible minus those hairs. You and I would want a method that could be both efficient and cost-effective.

Thanks to the Epilator – we do have a solution! Your choice of epilator depends on your individual need. As epilators comes in different designs and specifications, me and my team of chicks are here to guide you through the best epilator for you. In addition, we have also provided you information and reviews on products that could make your epilator use as breeze and magical as possible – on wax strips, creams, lotions and more, we are women’s grooming specialists!

Just like you I have been in the situation where I was pretty much lost in the internet. Going straight to the shop doesn’t provide the best option to find the right products anymore. You’ll ask why? In order to find the suitable product, you actually need to know what features could suit you and how they enhance your experience.

That’s why I came up with an idea to create Lillysepilators. Here I’ll try to provide the best possible and fastest way to find the right epilator or other beauty products. I mainly focus on concise reviews and comparison tables that can save your time. Moreover, I gather all of that information based on my and my friends’ experience.

However, this blog is not only a review website. I’ve created this blog thinking that it could be more like a home to those who regularly seek for skin care, hair removal or any beauty advice. Therefore, I encourage to contact me with all sorts of questions. Who knows I may help you. In addition to that, you can always leave comments in the comment section under each post. It’s an easier way to get quick answers to your questions. 🙂

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All in all, we hope that our website will help you to deal with day to day problems

Thank you for your time and wish you all the best!