8 Tips To Grooming On A Shoestring BudgetThinking of throwing in the towel on your daily grooming routine?

Hate to break it to you but an un-groomed man is a single man.

When you are groomed you look clean, presentable, and sexy. No one wants to date a man who looks like they live in the middle of lumberjack and homeless.

When browsing high-end grooming products, you may be scared away by the price tag.

Have no fear; we’re going to give you some tips to keep you looking your best on a budget.

Being on a budget doesn’t mean throwing your looks away.

You can still look great and save money along the way.

1. Safety Razor Is Experiencing A Renaissance…And With Good Reason

See the price tag on a safety razor and turn the other way?

While it may be more of an expensive price tag upfront, safety razors are actually going to help you save money in the long run.

How many times do you buy the plastic cartridge razors and get frustrated and annoyed by them breaking, irritating your face, or not giving you a close enough shave?

Too many times!

Buy the safety razor!

Because of how sharp safety razors are, they give you a super close shave.  Don’t be fooled by the one blade, it’s actually less irritating and better for your skin.  This blade is sharp and made of high quality metal to prevent it from rusting, breaking, or irritating your sensitive skin.

Beyond the sharpness of the blade, refills of the blades are incredibly cheap.  In fact, you can expect to spend less than .05 per blade.

Yes, you read that right – .05 per blade!

But that’s not all..

With less irritation, you’ll also spend less money on irritation creams due to the unsightly razor burn.

Are you unsure of how to pick a safety razor out?

Check out some online reviews or go to a men’s shaving boutique for individual help finding your perfect razor.

2. Get A Traditional Shave Cream or Shave Soap

The time has come for you to kick the can.

Kick the can of shaving gel into the garbage, that is.

Ditch your gel shaving cream and pick yourself up a tub of traditional shave cream.  Sure, it may cost a few bucks more than your bargain gel, but it lasts longer!

Not only will it give you a better and closer shave, you don’t have to use as much as you do with gel so the tub lasts a lot longer.

Tubs of shaving cream are more sophisticated and more user friendly.  You are guaranteed to love the feel of your tub shaving cream, brush, and safety razor.

There’s a reason gel shaving creams are so cheap!

Gel shaving creams often contain cheap additives, which end up irritating your skin more.

Don’t damage your clean shave by buying cheap shaving cream.

Invest in your grooming future and buy a tub.

3. DIY Beard Oil – Yeah It Is Incredibly Easy To Make Yourself

Have a great beard you don’t see yourself shaving soon?

Give your wiry whiskers some love with beard oil.

Beard oil is a relatively new market that people are surely taking advantage of.

Beard oil needs to be used frequently and the prices are skyrocketing high.  You can search the shelves for costly beard oil brands, or you can make it yourself right at home.

Become a DIY master by grabbing just a few ingredients and slashing the cost of your store-bought beard oil.

It’s extremely easy and all you need is carrier oil and some essential oils.  Jojoba oil or argan oil make great carrier oils and are often a cabinet staple anyway.

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These will groom your beard and leave them soft and conditioned.  Some of our favorite essential oils include tea tree oil or a sandalwood and lavender combination.

Check out for a great database of recipes and more beard tips.  Your beard will look better than ever but cost less than ever before.  We can bet you’ll never return to your store bought beard oil after making your own.

Your beard is sure to thank you as well.

4. Need Lotion? Get An Affordable Brand

If you live in a dry climate or it’s the dead of winter, you’re most likely going to need some lotion to keep your skin smooth and flake-free.

You could get lost in the lotion aisle of stores or left behind in the thousands of pages on Amazon leaving you overwhelmed and unsure which lotion to buy.

You can find bottles anywhere from $1-$25+ in stores and online.

This can leave you grabbing the cheapest lotion or getting overwhelmed and forgetting the lotion altogether.  Don’t skip the moisturizer because you don’t know which brand to grab.

We can tell you that it is okay to go for more of a budget brand when it comes to lotion.  It has one job, to moisturize your skin!

Grab any bottle you want, just make sure to check the ingredient list before checking out.  If you see alcohol in the ingredient list, this could end up making your skin worse.

The alcohol in lotions can dry your skin up more, leading you to use more lotion, which in turn further dries your skin.

Don’t be caught in this unfortunate cyclical process, quickly scan the ingredients and throw out any brands that have alcohol in the first few ingredients.

The only caveat to the alcohol use is if it’s a fatty alcohol – which you can learn more about them here.

Check out this guide for a full review of the best body lotions that have been specially formulated for a man’s naturally thicker skin.

5. Bar Soap vs. Body Wash

Guys, you better be washing your body in addition to your hair in the shower every day.

This is the most important step of grooming.

But just because you do this every day doesn’t mean you have to waste money on unnecessary product.

We’ll admit, body wash is quick and convenient but it also comes with a much higher price tag.  Not only is it a lot more expensive peruse, it actually gets used up quicker as well.

A simple bar of soap will last much longer when it comes to staying on a budget.

A bar of soap will clean your skin just as well as your fancy body wash.  Many brands of soap these days have great conditioning moisturizers in them so you don’t need to worry about the bar of soap film left on your skin from traditional soaps.

Most every brand of body wash creates a similar, if not identical, scent and style of wash in a bar of soap.

Make it a quick and easy switch by grabbing the soap version of the body wash you already use.

This will leave more money in your pocket to splurge on other items of necessity.

Still feel like you just can’t give up the ease of body wash?

6. Shorter Hair = Less Hair Product Required

Is your man bun costing you precious pennies everyday from the amount of product you have to use?

Well, have we got good news for you!

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Not only is the man bun considered the 2017 version of the mullet, it requires a significant amount of product to keep conditioned and looking clean cut.

Hair past the ears is becoming tackier and let’s face it, any long hair ends up being expensive.

Long hair often requires a stylist to cut it correctly and a few different products to be groomed right.

Clays, pomades, gels, and sprays become expensive in the long run.  The longer your hair is, the more of those products you end up using every single day.

To avoid the unnecessary costs of styling products, consider cutting your hair short.

Closely cropped hair requires little to no product and is always in style.  It will save you a ton of money and time in the morning.

You won’t have to style it as much as your long hair.  Catch a few more minutes of sleep every day instead of getting up early to style your long hair.

If you’re feeling like a super DIYer you could even try to cut it yourself.

This would save you even more money every few weeks by skipping your haircut.

7. Balding? Consider Shaving Head Completely

Don’t be left looking life Homer Simpson if you have a receding hairline or a thin crown of hair.

Hair treatments like Rogaine are extremely expensive and come with a mile long list of adverse side effects.

Why are we all so afraid of losing our hair?

Take the plunge and shave your head completely.

Bald is in, it’s sexy, and it’s eye-catching.

You are guaranteed to love the ease of being bald.

Shaving your head completely will let you leave the hair products behind and you won’t have to worry about your hairline being thin.

You can also shave your own hair meaning you can save all the money you usually have to spend getting your haircut.

And besides, a shaved head means no styling it in the morning.

You can enjoy your breakfast just a little longer because of it.

8. Anti Aging Creams Are Notoriously Expensive

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the most wrinkly of them all?

The answer better not be you!

Men, we all age.

It’s something we love until we are 25, and then we start the downward spiral of being “old.”

Whether we age gracefully like George Clooney or not, is up to us.  You don’t need botox injections and plastic surgery to make your wrinkles disappear.

But, the sooner we start the prevention aging, the better.

Start young if you can and grab some anti-aging creams.  If you feel you’ve missed your window, don’t worry.

Anti-aging creams and eye creams can help your skin look more youthful at any stage of life. Now let’s face it, most of this market is geared towards women.

And because of that, a lot of the products are pricy.

Pro-tip, don’t let that women or unisex price tag phase you, get a product specifically made for men.

Not only will it slash that price tag in half, but the ingredients are identical.

These creams will help to give your skin that youthful glow we all left behind the day we turned 30.